Thursday, July 1, 2021

Time trial.....

 7:29 am - Thursday - July 1st - Seal Rock, OR - 57° F, 100% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north......heavy, misty overcast today with a forecast high of 63° F.  On this date in 2013 we were driving north on US-191 toward Great Falls, MT on our way to friend Tom McCloud, who was following in his 2002 Newell, took this picture.....↴

One of my favorite all time drives!

.....ironically we drove this highway for the second time on July 16, 2020, just over 8 years later.....what a blessing.  Just as amazing as the first time!

I was back to wearing my jacket to work Wednesday. It went from sunny and balmy to cool, misty and breezy overnight,  and that continued all throughout the day.  Within 20 minutes I was able to shed the jacket as I trimmed another hedge in site #26.  The last time I trimmed this hedge was back in October, or November of last year....I'm sure someone else has trimmed it in the interim, but it was due for some attention.  After I finished trimming it I raked up all the clippings and filled the trailer once again.  Next I mowed, and edged the site, then hauled the clippings up to the burn pile, which will not see anymore 'burn' action until sometime in the Fall as the 'burn pile' season is over.

I still had an hour to work so I turned my attention to the large group/common area at the entrance as well as the large ditch I mowed just a few weeks ago...when will that grass stop growing?!  I managed to get about 1/3 of the ditch trimmed/mowed, as well as the large grassy group area by 1 pm, and called it a day.  I'll finish the ditch on Thursday...I hope.

It is Le Tour de France time, and they begin televising it at 4 am each day, so I've been recording it, and then watching the first half in the morning, and the 2nd half in the afternoon after I get home from work.  Wednesday was a time trial day.  On time trial days the riders are send off one at a time in 2 minute intervals.  They are basically racing the clock to cover a 17-18 mile course in the fastest time.  The order of the riders is determined by their individual standing in the race.  The racer with the slowest time over the first 4 stages goes first, and so on.  The final rider is the holder of the yellow jersey, who has, obviously the fastest time over the first 4 stages.  As it turned out the rider completing the course in the fastest time was in 3rd, or 4th place beginning the day, but he was not able to displace the yellow jersey holder who managed to stave him off with an overall time for the first 5 stages 8 seconds faster.  This promises to be another crazy Tour de France year.

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