Monday, July 19, 2021

Scraping by.....

 7:35 am - Monday - July 19th - Seal Rock, OR - 50° F, 100% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north......slightly foggy, but the sun is beginning to burn through for another beautiful, sunny day on the Oregon Coast with a forecast high of 62° F.  On this date in 2014 I was at Mammoth Mountain riding in their mountain bike park with my good friend Paul Hood......↴

Sunday began with a mild marine layer, but by 9 am the sun was out, and although there was a little breeze out of the north, it turned out to be a great day.  We've switched back to a five day work week effective Sunday so TLE was off to work at 9 am, and I was there by 10 am.  With the 5 day work week I return to two hour work days Sunday through Tuesday, and then three hour work days Wednesday and Thursday.  Sundays are always pretty easy in the park as the park is pretty full until check out time (11:30 am) when you can almost hear the vacuum cleaner sucking the workaday folks out of the park and back to their real lives.  Since there is not much to do work wise within the sites since they are occupied, Fred and I returned to scraping picnic tables  so they may be painted later in the week, something I haven't done for a few months now.  It is finally dry enough to finish the job Blake and I began so many months ago.  It takes just shy of two hours for one person to scrape down one table, so Fred and I managed to get two done between us.  For the last 15 minute of our shift we ran through the sites with arriving customers to make sure the fire pits were clean, and to remove any trash left behind.  

I was on my way home by 12:05 pm, and within minutes I was seated in my recliner watching the final 5 holes of 'The Open'.  Collin Morikawa (USA) was the leader at 15 under par with Jordan Spieth (USA) just two strokes back at 13 under par.  Jordan had a couple of birdie chances in the last 4 holes, but they didn't drop, whereas Collin saved two pars with long puts to retain his lead, and to finish in first place.  Once 'The Open' was decided we switched gears to watch Stage 21 (the final Stage) of Le Tour de France.  It was a very exciting finish to see if Mark Cavendish would prevail, and win his 35th Stage of his career and break Eddie Merckx record, but alas it was not to be he was edged out at the line by a few inches and finished in 2nd place for the final Stage of this year's edition of Le Tour.  I don't now what I am going to do mornings and afternoons after 21 days of watching Le Tour....maybe I'll spend a little more time

TLE asked me a few days ago to give her a refresher course in dumping the black tank, and Sunday was the day for that deed, so I led her through the steps verbally while she did the actual work.  She did pretty good.  This time she wrote everything down for future reference.  Next up was to show her again how to set up the Honda 2000 generator in case we lose power, and I am indisposed, which is always a possibility.  I just went over this with her before I flew down to SoCal to get my dental work done back in early April, so she still remembered most of what needed to be done, but again she wrote everything down this time for future reference.  She was actually able to pull the generator out of the through bay without my help, which made me feel a little more confident.

The fickle marine layer always leaves us guessing as to whether we'll be treated to a beautiful Coastal Oregon sunset, and it has been some time since I was able to post sunset pictures, Sunday was no exception to the guesswork except for the fact that we actually got one at the last minute.......

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