Sunday, July 18, 2021


 7:31 am - Sunday - July 18th - Seal Rock, OR - 46° F, 100% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north.....sunny today with a forecast high of 62° F.  On this date in 2013 we were dry camping in the parking lot at the Columbia Ice Fields in Alberta, Canada......

The weather guessers promised sun all day Saturday, and we did get sun, but not until mid afternoon.  I had three tasks upon my proverbial plate to accomplish on this day: 1) Affix the new tag to the rear license plate on the VW, 2) rotate the VW tires, and 3) wash the VW.  It was too chilly until mid afternoon to spend much time outside, so I had to compress all three tasks into a short period of time, but get them done I did.

Meanwhile, on the sports front, TLE and I spent the morning, and early afternoon watching the 3rd round of 'The Open', then moved on to Stage 20 of Le Tour de France, which was time trial day.  Mark Cavendish earned enough points to seemingly solidify his hold on the Green jersey, and now has just one Stage left to attempt to break the all time Stage win record for the TDF.  He stands tied with Eddie Merckx at 34 Stage wins for his career.

On the unexpected/surprising front I got an email from my brother-in-law, Glenn Parker, who has been out on the road with his wife, Laureen (TLE's sister) for about a month now in their 1984 Newell.  They stopped at a Rest Area off I-90 in Washington and found this promotional billboard in the parking lot for Elks Lodges......

.....the unexpected, and surprising part was at the bottom center of the billboard there are four pictures, and one of them is a picture of our coach/trailer parked at the Lompoc Elks Lodge (California) where we stayed for several days back in April of 2017.....

Lompoc Elks Lodge, 2017 does a picture of our coach I took in Lompoc, CA end up on an Elks Lodge billboard in a Rest Area off I-90 in Washington State?  I took that picture, and it appears in our blog here.  And the world gets

After just a few hours of sunshine, the marine layer rolled back in  to reclaim the day obscuring both the ocean, and Seal Rock, and thus ended our Saturday.  It was a good day with all of my goals accomplished.

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