Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Killer deal Monday.....

7:23 am - Tuesday - June 11th - LPG&RVR - 59° F, humidity 40%, wind zero mph out of the north by northwest.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 90° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were at Bodega Brew Pub in La Crosse, Wisconsin.....Oatmeal Stouts all around, please....

 I love it when you wake up on a Monday and realize you STILL have two more days of your 4 day weekend remaining....sweet!  There was another 2 mile out and back walk in which we averaged 3.3 mph, while simultaneously burning 350 caloric units, and gaining some 76' in elevation.....

....soon after our return from the walk we changed clothes and headed into Alturas for our weekly shopping.  We don't always stop at Grocery Outlet (kind of a bigger version of Dollar General, but much more organized, and less chaotic), but we did this day, and found several killer deals (you just never know), including a 5' x 7' piece of artificial turf for $32, and EXTRA LARGE (twice as large in diameter as the green ones) pool noodles for $4 each.  We put pool noodles on the support arms of our patio awning so if we hit our heads upon them it will not leave a mark, or hurt more than our pride.  The old greens ones were purchased back in 2020, and after 4 years of UV exposure were a lot the worse for wear.  I wanted a piece of turf to place between the rear of the coach and the front of the trailer so I may walk to the trailer with bare feet.....

.....we recently purchased, on Amazon, a 3' x 9' (27 square feet) piece of the same turf for almost $60, so getting this 5' x 7' piece (35 square feet) for 1/2 price was a killer deal!

We were home by 12:30 pm with our spoils, and by 1:30 pm everything was put away.  I spent time in the trailer puttering around before the heat of the day arrived, then retired to the air conditioned interior of the Newell for the balance of the day.

Around 5 pm I lit the Sea-B-Que in preparation for the grilling of a wild caught sockeye salmon steak TLE purchased at Grocery Outlet for $17.....another killer deal! We'll get two meals out of that one for sure.  TLE added  sides of spinach and rice, and a bottle of Sterling Sauvignon Blanc...the final of those killer deals....got it for $6.99 at Holiday Market...usually goes for $15+. 

We were going to eat dinner on the 'dining/gaming deck', but it was still too warm at 5:30 pm, so we ate inside, then watched 'The Fall Guy' starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt (2024) on Amazon Prime.  Usually we would prefer to watch a movie of this type (action) on the big screen, and it is playing at the Niles Theater in Alturas this week, but they are only open Fridays and Saturdays, and we work those days this week.  IMBD gives the movie 7 stars out of 10....we would be closer to a 6.  Was it entertaining, yes, but I would not watch it again.

After the movie ended at 8 pm we did go out to the 'dining/gaming deck' to play a few games of Backgammon to wind down our evening.  TLE bested me two out of three games, but they were mostly close.  I managed to come from ahead in two of the games to lose on the last couple of roles.  TLE has a knack for rolling doubles on the most inopportune times....lol!

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