Saturday, September 20, 2014

5th Saturday - PAW day

Our 1982 Newell has 3 electric in the salon, one in the bedroom and one in the "water bay".  The salon heater was replaced when we were visiting friends in West Virginia about 16 months ago.  I recently wrote about replacing the bedroom heater while we were at SLT, and Friday it was time to replace the third, and final electric heater which heats the water bay when outside temps get into the "freezing" zone.  These heaters have done their job for over 30 years, but eventually they begin to wear out, and if you wait too long you end up with a fire.  

The company that made the original heaters is no longer in business, but I was able to find, with the help of other Newell friends, a suitable replacement called the King PAW (PAW standing for Pick A Watt).  It comes set up as a 1500 watt heater, but you can disconnect individual heating elements to reduce the wattage depending on the size of the space you wish to heat.  I elected to disconnect the 500 watt heating element to reduce the wattage to 1000 for the water bay as that is what the prior heater was set at.

Out with the "old"

I waited for a day off to install the final heater, because just as with the first two it was necessary to make the opening in the heater box a few inches larger to accommodate the slightly larger dimensions of the King PAW, and the area where this heater is installed is quite tight.  In other words, I wanted as much time as would be needed to get it done right with no rushing around.

In with the "new'

I had to reroute a few wires, but in the end it came out looking pretty nice.  By the way, the black device just below the new King PAW heater is the "chassis" heater.....I sometimes use this heater while in motion on super cold works off the radiator coolant and does a very good job!

By the time I wrapped up my work on the new heater it was after 1 pm.....see what I mean?  I took a short nap, then a shower so we could make a run into Port Orford to deposit some outgoing mail at the Post Office, and then make a quick stop at Ray's Food Place.....well, a quick stop was our intent, but for some reason going to the supermarket is never a quick stop.

We find ourselves enjoying the weather that seems to be typical here on the south Oregon coast in September.....low wind days, little fog, and very moderate temperatures.  We know that eventually the prevailing winds will switch around to begin blowing from the south, and then winter will not be far behind.  For now, however, we are blessed with moderate days, and not very cold nights.  When we go to bed I open my window and note that the temperature is usually in the mid 70's in the bedroom.....when I wake up around 6 in the morning it has only dropped to 66-69 during the night.....sweet!

Courtesy Cherie Ve Ard.....our fire Friday night....left to right: Paul, Chris, 
moi, TLE, Forrest, Nina and Mary....Cherie took the picture

We ended the day with an early pre-sunset fire, then headed down to the "phone booth" to watch yet another sunset around 7:15.........

Courtesy Cherie Ve speaks for itself

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