Friday, September 12, 2014


Back in my workaday life when I started dreaming about my work I knew it was time for a vacation......time to clear my head.  One of the things I dreamed about often when I was commuting 30 miles to my office was the actual "commute"......when I stopped commuting that 30 mile drive was taking close to 90 minutes.....that means I was averaging about 20 mph on the freeway!  "Stop and go" traffic on a freeway in Southern California is not a recipe for good mental health.  Ironically I awoke this morning in the middle of a dream where I was arguing with my boss at that job I used to commute to back in the 90's.....some 20 years ago......where did that come from?

Our commute to work here at Cape Blanco is 1.25 miles and it takes us 25 minutes to cover that distance on foot........this commute is definitely very good for one's mental health.....wouldn't you agree?  There are no accidents to circumvent, no smog, no smell of exhaust from too many vehicles in too small a geographical area, no honking horns, no road rage, no obscene gestures being directed at you.  There is just the sound of the ocean, the wind, sea birds and long views that not only clear the mind, but cleanse the soul.  You can hear yourself inhale that delicious salt air and almost feel its restorative effect taking place.

No traffic!

One of the perks of the nomadic life is your ability to spend a great deal of your time in rural America......if you choose to do so, and we choose to do so.  Whenever I get close to a major metropolitan area I can feel the tension begin to surge through every fiber of my being.  We choose rural America to spend our time in, but you may have a different way of expressing your's all good as long as it works for you.  

We reported for work at 9:45 am for our "middle shift" duties.....we spent the first half of our shift at the lighthouse, and then after our 30 minute lunch, spent gazing at the Pacific Ocean, we took up our positions at the Greeting Center for the remainder of the afternoon.

TLE ready for another day at the office....

It was an unusually light wind day, and the afternoon saw very few visitors to our little slice of heaven.  By 4 pm when we locked the gate and began our commute home with Chris and Cherie the wind had picked up a bit, but it was nothing like the day before.

One of the things we both love about our RV site here at Cape Blanco is how QUIET it is at night.  In South Lake Tahoe there was this continual background noise of traffic, CalTrans doing road work, planes taking off and landing, and the odd siren from random emergeny there is just the quiet.....we love it.

That was Thursday......another "tough" day at the office.....NOT!  

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