Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hockwald's in the "middle"

Friday was "middle shift" day for us......9:45 am to 4 pm.....come on now, if you have to work (and what we do at the lighthouse can hardly be called anything but fun.....certainly not work) aren't those pretty great hours?  The first 15  minutes we spend at the entrance gate (below) letting in the volunteers.  At 10 a we drive over to the lighthouse and then open it up for the day's business.  

TLE shuts down the de-humidifier in the work room, and gets out the various items that are used in the presentation she will provide to visitors while I clime 64 stairs unlocking doors along the way.  Our first visitors start arriving around 10:15 to 10:30 and then we are "off to the races".  The day started off looking like a light wind day with clear blue skies as far as the eye could see.

Blue skies and magnificent views everywhere

That's moi up in the "Lantern Room"

Then around 10:40 am the wind, which was coming out of the north, switched around to the south, and began to blow in the fog lying just off the 10 minutes it was approaching whiteout conditions.

Not quite a whiteout, but getting close

The view north is now gone

And that was the way our day pretty much looked, and still looks this morning as I write.  That is life here at Cape Blanco.  I reported that the forecast was for 81 degrees yesterday here at the briefly climbed to near 70 BTF (before the fog), and then plunged into the mid 50's the rest of the day.

Eventually (at lunch) I added another layer of "Under Armor", a vest (under the jacket) and replaced the company hat with a watch cap.  At 12:30, Chris and Cherie arrived to relieve us at the lighthouse (I handed off the "keys to the kingdom" to Chris), and we took our 30 minute lunch break, which is the "middle shift" routine, and then after lunch moved down to the Greeting Center where we spent the last 3 hours of our "middle shift".  The last tours of the day start at 3:15, and it then becomes my job to drive up to the gate and close it preventing any more visitors from driving over to the lighthouse.  Those who are already in the parking lot take their tour and then begin to filter out of the park prior to 4 pm.  At 4 pm I then drive back to the lighthouse to pickup TLE, and on this particular day, Chris and Cherie, who (they had walked to work) accepted our offer of a ride back to the campground.  We plan to begin walking back and forth to work, too, after we finish our first three shifts.....of course the decision to walk will be dictated by current, local weather conditions.

We were home by 4:10......another "grueling" commute home from!  It was too cold to think about working any further on the portable satellite dish setup so we turned on all three of our heaters, put on slippers, pajamas, and read.

Saturday we will have the "top shift" and then the next three days off before we start all over again.  Life is good here at Cape Blanco, and we are loving the variety of weather we are getting.

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