Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bottoms up

Wednesday we started our 3 day work week with the "bottom shift" (12:30 to 4), so I spent an hour, or so finishing up the Trek MTB project for Paul.  By 11 it was back together, and passed a short test ride!

Ready for the trails once again

Around 11:55 we began our walk over to the lighthouse for the bottom shift........our goal is to walk the Cape Trail both ways every day we work to get in a little exercise.  We arrived at the greeting center at 12:20 taking just 25 minutes to walk the 1.25 miles from our coach to the front door.

Walking through the "enchanted forest" on our way to work

At 12:30 we relieved Angie and Gary up in the lighthouse so they could take their lunch break, and took over tour duties for the rest of the afternoon.  When we arrived there were about 15 people waiting to take the tour, so we hit the deck running and never really had a break until the last tour finished at 3:25......but that is the way we like it.....time flies when you stay busy!

While we were occupied with our tour duties the wind had been steadily rising, and by the time we exited the lighthouse "work room" it was gusting into the mid to high 40's.  It's one thing to "lean" into a steady wind, but trying to walk with the wind gusting makes one look slightly inebriated.   The first half of our walk home saw us staggering frequently under the onslaught of the wind, but once we reached the entrance of the enchanted forest it was smooth sailing.

There is not a lot more to report about Wednesday, but I did forget to report in Tuesday's entry that TLE, Nina and Cherie went geo caching (at Nina's invitation) around 10:30.....they found 3 out of 5 geo caches, and hiked around 4 miles in the process.......all this while I was deep in the weeds working on Paul's Trek MTB.

The lady nomad geo cachers courtesy Cherie!

The blessing that is derived from the winds is we get clear blue wind swept a result we are enjoying seeing the sun these past few days and the attendant wonderful views......the view out our front window is enhanced by the the clarity of the air.

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