Monday, September 22, 2014

Staying in the "now"

I've been sitting here at my laptop for over an hour and all I've managed to do is upload a couple of pictures from Sunday while we were serving our "middle shift".  I am wondering what I can write that I have not already written.....I am wondering what title to give to this post.  I then re-read an e-mail sent by my mother yesterday after reading my post describing Saturday.  One line stands out to me and gets me thinking......

"...and it blesses me to see you have such a grateful heart for the cup 'in your hand' that is indeed "running over".Loving you, Son..."

Then I begin to think about the meaning of those words and realize she has gotten it exactly right.....she has seen right through me.  I do find my self living more "in the moment" as the months pass into history.  I think less about the past, and less about the future.  There is just "now" each day passes I realize so much more how debilitating the workaday life can be, and was, when it comes to the "now" difficult it was back "then" to live in the moment, because every moment was claimed by schedules, appointments, raising a family, providing for that family.  It was not a bad thing.....that is make choices, and those choices proscribe the course of your life.  I would not change one single thing about those years of work and family.....the fruit of that time in my life is 5 amazing children who make me proud, and make me smile every single day.

Now, as we near the end of 3 years of nomadic wanderings, that life seems so distant.....I know I am not the same person who left Southern California in early February of 2012.  I know this is not just me, because I have talked with others, most recently Paul, who feel much the same as I.  That life seems so distant now it is almost surreal.  "Now" I find myself living this abundant life filled with a new appreciation for each moment of each day.  Life seems a little more intense now because of the rich, and colorful tapestry this life creates......a life filled with the camaraderie of like minded souls who "have your back" no matter what may come; who respect you for who you are today, regardless of your background.  Okay, I know (as Nina would characterize it) I am getting  a bit "philosophical and floppy", but that is an outgrowth of this life.  I know this life is not for everyone, but I know it is for us, and I am grateful every day that we have this community of like minded nomads who have embraced all that it means to be a "nomad".

 Chris at the top enjoying the view Sunday

A beautiful vintage DC-3 made several 
passes over the lighthouse Sunday

Sunday was one more day in a seemingly unending string of great days......I commented to Elaine last night that pretty much every evening I find myself saying "......another great day".....I asked her if I was becoming "trite", and she said "yes, but in a good way.....every day is great, so why not say so?"

Special thanks to my mother, Virginia, for your words of inspiration on a day when I seemed to be out of words.......

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  1. Clarke, my wife and I will be starting our nomadic life this next month, and would like to thank you and Elaine for inspiring us to do so, (along with all of the others you mentioned in the previous post) Chris, Cherie, Paul & Nina have been our main sources for the “how to” with all their awesome information, but you two have been our main source or reason for the “why to”
    You mentioned in a previous post (some time ago) you weren’t certain what makes a good writer or if you would be one. After reading your blog on a daily basis, and keeping our attention through all of them, I would have to say in our opinion, along with over 235,000 others who have viewed your blog that you are a GREAT ONE! We hope to meet you all someday “on the road” Greg & Margie

  2. Greg and Margie, thank you for your kind words. We, too, would like to meet up with you. Keep us posted on your journey....I think it had already begun.

    Clarke and Elaine


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