Wednesday, September 10, 2014


We've only been at Cape Blanco for barely a week, and I have no idea what the "normal" weather here is like because is changes so often, but Tuesday seemed more "normal" to me....sunny with lots of wind.....:D  Nina will tell you that there is no is what it is, and you just take it as it comes.

Second Saturday (Tuesday) began much the way 1st Saturday ended with another bike project.  Monday I had worked on Nina's bike, and Tuesday it was time to dive into Paul's Trek mountain bike.  I hadn't seen Paul's bike up close previously, and was shocked at first to see its condition after a few years spent living outside in the lucky can one guy be?  This is the kind of bike I love to work that requires complete disassembly in order to bring her back to life.  Fortunately, once again, this bike has a great set of upgraded components, which makes it easier to bring back to life.


When I am working on a bike like this I lose all track of time......the hours just melt away........around 2:30 our neighbor Gary came by to see if I could put a new tire on Angie's beach cruiser and tune it up......I looked at my watch and saw the time.....WOW, where did all those hours go?  Then I looked at how much I had done......the bike was almost back together with just the front wheel, the chain, and brake adjustment remaining.  The before an after pictures provide a little bit of the contrast, but in person the difference is quite dramatic.

 All clean now.....

By 3 pm I had to wrap things up even though I wasn't quite done......we had a get together planned for 4 pm for people in the area who wanted to meet up with our gang, plus it was TLE's birthday.....I won't disclose her age, but she is now officially eligible for Medicare.....:D  Happy birthday to my lovely Elaine!

We had about 8-10 people come for the informal get together and we enjoyed meeting all of them........until last night we only knew them via the internet....primarily via course, we all hit it off wonderfully.  

Around 7:25 I noticed the sun was setting and suggested to TLE that we walk down to the viewing area and catch it setting......we arrived just as the sun was dipping into the Pacific Ocean....a great ending to a great day.  Wednesday it's back to "work" at the lighthouse.....TLE and I have the "bottom shift" (12:30 to 4).

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