Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bandon, OR Cranberry Roundup!

Real Saturday dawned clear and calm.....yes, another basically windless sunny day at Cape's tough duty, but someone's got to do it!  We were off "work" Saturday (we work again Sunday afternoon), so we decided to drive into Bandon to attend the annual Cranberry Roundup.  Prior to our arrival here in Cape Blanco I had no idea that Cranberries are a major crop in this area.

As we arrived on the southern outskirts of Bandon I was wondering how much time we could spend looking at Cranberries.  What we discovered just after we parked our car was that part of the Roundup is the "Cranberry Cruise-In Car Show" that was not expected!  One of the first "cars" we came across was probably one of the coolest Rat Rods I have ever was built on a Studebaker chassis and powered by a straight 6 Cummins turbo diesel.

Next up was this tiny Mini Cooper with 10" wheels!  Then came the obligatory mid 60's white Thunderbird.....TLE and I talked about how we are kind of missing our 2002 Thunderbird just a little, but we are so happy with the VW as it really fits our lifestyle so much more!

One of my favorites was this, I believe, 1953 Ford Crestline convertible.......



We had purposely arrived around Noon time expecting to find a place to eat in Old Town, but as we walked around we found there just were not any tables available.....doh!  After visiting The Marketplace farmers market and finding that you could pretty much buy a thousand different products made from cranberries we wandered over to Foley's Irish Pub where we had stopped in for a beer a few days before.  We found a window table off in a corner where it was quiet and settled in for a leisurely lunch.  I ordered the Ninkasi Total Domination IPA and TLE the Ninkasi Wunderbier (both on tap).......both were very tasty!  I ordered the Fish 'n Chips and TLE the Pastrami.  TLE said her Pastrami was an "8" on a scale of 1-10....10 being the best she has ever had.  My 'Chips were in the same range.....of course Foley's gets a solid 4 stars on Yelp, so no surprise that we both loved our entrees.

Ninkasi Wunderbier on the left and 
Total Domination IPA on the right

After filling our tummies with great food we continued to walk around just enjoying the ambiance of the Festival until almost 3 pm before heading back to Cape Blanco.....after all, there was a big slate of college football games to watch!

It was a great day off, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time walking around Old Town Bandon.

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