Saturday, September 27, 2014


Based on the weather we experienced Tuesday we thought it would continue to be windy on Wednesday....when will we learn?  The weather here is hard to anticipate, and Wednesday was a perfect example.  

The day dawned clear with little wind at our campsite, but we both still thought it would be windy at the lighthouse.  Normally I would wear shorts and a t-shirt to work up in the "lantern room", but I decided to wear pants and a t-shirt.  All the previous days I had been at the top of the lighthouse I had been comfortable because there is always some wind, but Wednesday there was NO wind.

With no clouds, and no wind it felt like a sauna set on "low" from 12:30 to 3:30.  Thankfully we had a light day for visitors so I was able to descend to the "watch level" in between tours where it is 15 degrees cooler, or step out on the catwalk to cool down.  Of course, when the wind dies, and it gets warm the flies love to invade the "lantern room", so I was also spending copious amounts of time swatting flies.....thank goodness the views where spectacular!

"South" beach as the fog began to roll 
in near the end of our "bottom" shift

We call this view "north" beach

 The last tour of the day finished around 3:40 and it was time to walk home.  Two of the Lighthouse Hosts, Angie and Gary, are departing after their "top" shift on Saturday as their one month commitment is up, and Saturday is their last scheduled shift.  We lit the fire in honor of their imminent departure, and had a few folks over to say goodbye to them.  It was great getting to know you Angie and Gary, and we look forward to seeing you down the travels!

In a few days we are expecting the arrival of Judy and Brian who will be replacing Angie and Gary for the month of October, and in just a day, or two we expect our good friends Krash , Karen and Pipa to arrive to spend a few days with the gang.....stay tuned for more adventures!

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  1. How fabulous that Karen and Krash are coming out for a visit! Please give them hugs from us!


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