Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Since our arrival at Cape Blanco back on September 3rd we have wanted to hike down to the beach near the lighthouse to see the tide pools at low tide.  Tuesday was the day we decided to take the plunge.

 Found a little sea life

We left on our open ended adventure around Noon:thirty, and of course, we hiked over to the Coast Trail (takes you down to the beach) via the Cape Trail, which we use every time we work at the lighthouse.

This bit of large driftwood had the uncanny resemblance to a dinosaur bone yard.....what do you think?

Our original intent was to just spend some time at the tide pools and then hike back the way we came, but on the spur of the moment we decided to hike north along the beach to the mouth of the Sixes River.

With clear skies and a light breeze it was the perfect day to just stroll along the beach talking, enjoying our environment and each other.

Eventually we came even with the outlet of the Sixes River and decided once again to change our plan.  From talking with Chris and Cherie, as well as Paul and Nina, we knew there was a trail leading from the beach up to the Coast Trail, and sure enough we were able to find it.....we decided to make our walk a large "loop" and take the Coast Trail up to the top of the bluffs, back to the main highway, and then back to the Newell.

 Sixes River above, and the trail we found below

In all we were gone a little over 3 hours and covered just over 5 miles.....TLE found a few things along the beach she couldn't do without.....a cool, yet small piece of driftwood, and some agate.

After arriving back at the coach we spent some time outside in the lounge chairs cooling down from our hike before heading back inside around 4 as the outside air began to cool.  We spent the rest of the afternoon reading with a nap for me thrown in for good measure.

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