Tuesday, September 9, 2014


There is a phenomena at work here at Cape Blanco Lighthouse......I rarely wake up knowing what day it is.  I have had to refer to the "day clock" almost every day since we arrived.  I don't know if there is some kind of disorienting vortex at work here, or what.  At first I thought it might be the "every day feels like Saturday" philosophy that is taking its toll me on me, but as of this morning I am pretty sure greater forces are at work.....there is a timelessness about this place that seems to override my sensory perception.  Perhaps it is the remoteness of our location, or the utter quiet at night (when there is no wind), or the long views, but whatever it may be, it's messing with my head!

As many of you know I like to work on bikes......as in "bi"cycles.  Almost everyone we come across in our mobile community has at least one bike, if not two.  Often those bikes are carried on the back of their towed vehicle, or hang on the back of a trailer, or motorhome.  When in camp they usually sit outside in the elements.  I am always drawn to these bikes.....it's as if they are calling to me asking for a little TLC....a little rust removal, a little lube, a few adjustments.  I don't condemn those who transport their bikes in this manner, after all not everyone chooses to pull an enclosed trailer in which to store their bikes as we do.  I have that particular luxury, but if everyone did what I do then there would be no bikes on which to work.  Nina and Paul (Wheeling it) carry two Trek comfort bikes with them, and as is usually the case they spend most of their life outside in the elements.  The other day Nina rode her Trek to "work" at the lighthouse and I noticed a little rust here and there.  When she stopped by the coach on her way home I offered to "tune" the bike up for her, and she gladly accepted, and left her aluminum steed in my care.

I have to say, I have been through a long dry spell when it comes to people letting me work on their bikes.  The last bike I worked on was Debby's  (Bill and Debby's Wild Ride) "Townie" bike way, way back in late May.

We awoke to clearing skies Monday (first Saturday) morning, and the wind was again out of the north, which explained the aforementioned clearing skies.   I was in the "bike shop" by a little after 9 and "deep into the weeds" on Nina's Trek by half past.  I don't always take bikes completely apart when I tune them up, but this day just felt like one of those days, so I went for it.  By 10:30 the trailer was littered with bike components in various stages of cleaning, lubing, greasing, etc., and by Noon the bike was back together looking like it had just rolled out of the showroom.  Well made bikes with good component groupos are easy to clean up, and Nina's Trek was no exception.  

Then it was time to take a shower and get ready to drive into Bandon, OR (about 28 miles north of Cape Blanco) to do some "junking", shopping, and eating.....in that order.  We had plans to meet up with the "gang" at Rancho Viejo Mexican Restaurant in Bandon at 5:30 for an early dinner, but TLE and I wanted to do a little exploring so we left at 2 pm.  

Our first stop was at a very cool "thrift store".....at least that was the sign that caught our attention......this was really a very cool "junk" store, and we both loved it......we spent close to an hour exploring, and will definitely go back.  

Then it was on to Ray's Food Place to buy a loaf of bread, but it turned out to be a little more than that.........

Next we headed over to Bandon Old Town to walk around and see what was what.....after browsing through a used book store and escaping without any purchases, we stumbled upon a cool Irish pub called Foley's Irish Pub (4.5 stars on Yelp) where we dropped in to sample their advertised Kinkasi Summer Fest draft beer!  Of course it didn't hurt that MNF was on the big screen TV in the background (N.Y. Giants vs. Detroit Lions).

While we were sitting there enjoying our brews I spied Angie and Gary (fellow lightouse hosts, neighbors, and bloggers) walking by and called out to them to join us.  We sat talking and getting to know one another a little better until after 5 when it was time to head for Rancho Viejo.

We had barely found our seats when Chris, Cherie and Nina arrived completing our dinner group.  Rancho Viejo's Yelp rating is 3.5 stars, and I would agree.  It is not the best Mexican food I have had, but for coastal Oregon it is pretty decent.  The chips and salsa were, on the otherhand, exceptional!

After dinner we made one more stop at Nina's suggestion.......Face Rock Creamery which features Umpqua dairy products, including the most amazing icecream!  I love "local knowledge" and between Nina, Chris and Cherie we are experiencing almost an embarrassment of riches in that arena.

By the time we got back in our respective motor conveyances it was close to 7:30, and close to sunset.  As we journeyed southward to our home we were noticing the beautiful way the setting sun filtered through the coastal forest making the drive south on the undulating, winding HWY 101 seem almost magical.  It was a magical day.......

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  1. I see the poetry of Cape Blanco infusing your soul...it is but a matter of time before it gets you completely :)
    You did an absolutely awesome job of my bike. Totally floored I am. She's like new!!!


  2. We were gifted a Day Clock while here last year... there's something about this place the necessitates it.

    Personally, I think it has something do with our rotating shift schedules that has us all working on different days of the week.

    So so so very happy you're here with us to share this magical place and experience. I knew you'd be a fit :)

  3. For those of us who haul our bikes around on the back of the RV, do you recommend a cover or is it more effective to just clean and lube regularly?


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