Monday, September 8, 2014

Anything but "Sun"day....

Before I proceed with today's "enlightened" blog entry let me just say right now, for the record, that I love weather.......well, most weather......I don't like tornadoes, typhoons, or hurricanes.....and who does, right?  I am a native of, and grew up in SoCal where we didn't have much that counted for weather.  There were barely discernible seasons.  I love being able to live for a short time in places where there is weather......fog, wind, sun, clouds, rain, lightning, thunder, and calm.  I love being able to wake up one morning, walk outside and feel that "chill" in the air that tells you Fall is not far off.....I love it when you see the first flowers of Spring, and you know that Spring is around the corner.  I'm not saying I want to live where it is like that all the time, but once and a while I like to slip into an area, spend a few weeks in those regions where I know there will be weather, and then slip out again.

That being said, Sunday was our third day without seeing the be fair, the sky lifted a lot so you could see up and down the coast once again, but there was little or no wind....barely even a breeze.  And do you know what?  I loved it!  The dew was extremely heavy overnight and everything outdoors was covered with a heavy layer of was just plain damp.  The wonderful thing though is it does not feel humid to me....weird, huh?

I spent some time cleaning up from our fire the night before, dumping the gray and black tanks, and straightening up the trailer interior a little more.  Around 10:30 TLE and I decided to hike the "South Cape Trail" over to the lighthouse....... 

These pictures of the trail do not give the proper is much darker in person, and you are expecting at any turn to see pixies sprinkling fairy looks like you would expect a "magic forest" would look.

The entire walk all the way to the lighthouse is around 1.25 miles each way, and is pretty much an easy walk until you get to the last hill up to the lighthouse, but that's a good thing if one wants to improve their conditioning, increase their heart rate, and get their blood flowing, which is what we want.

I captured the light just as it "blinked" for 1.2 seconds

After we returned from our hour + hike I took time to wipe the still remaining heavy dew off the VW, and then we got dressed and drove into Port Orford (8 miles) to have lunch and do a "small" shopping at Ray's Market.  We arrived at the Port Orford Docks around 12:30 and headed directly for "Griff's On The Dock" for lunch.  

Stock photo from Yelp....there was NO blue sky Sunday

Griff's had been recommended to us and we are glad we followed through and ate there.  I had the 3 piece Fish and Chips with a bowl of Clam Chowder, and TLE had a basket of Calamari.  We both loved what we ordered, and would certainly agree with Yelp's rating of 4 stars with the caveat that their menu is a little pricey, so we'll go with 3.5.

The view north from the "docks"

After lunch we drove back north to Ray's Market to pick up a few items, and to survey their offerings......for me finding that they carry an ample supply of that tomato nectar called Snap-E-Tom's gets my 5 star approval rating.....that they also have an above adequate supply of local micro brews puts them way over the top for me.

We were home by 2:30 pm and I sat down to watch a little NFL footfall.....thank you again Gary and Angie for letting me borrow your DirecTV signal......YAY for me!

The NFL nightcap saw the Denver Broncos (Peyton Manning) vs. the Indianapolis Colts in a very good game.  The Broncos won a close game 31-24 to avenge their regular season loss to the Colts last season.

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  1. Wow, it's beautiful there!! Thanks for the updates and photos. You guys are so lucky!! xoxoxo beamy


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