Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Great Escape

This w1ll be a quick post..... we are sitting on the Starbucks on Yreka, CA At 6:11 am....typing this update using my phone..... as planned we were on the road by 7am Tuesday..... man was it cold!!  TLE took this picture as we passed the "Commons" area in SLT. 

We were in Dayton,  NV by 8:30 buying more groceries and then "paying the rent" by putting 110 gallons of diesel in our thirsty tank at an average price of $3.66 a gallon.

By 9:30 wet were gliding northward on U.S. 395 towards Susanville,  CA where we transitioned to 44 and then 89 before meeting on to I-5 .  TLE snapped this picture of Mt. Shasta..... at least that's what I think it is.

Shortly afterward we were enveloped in a fog of smoke from several forest fires.  Ultimately we had to shut the windows,  turn on the generator, and then the AC as we rolled into Yreka and the Super Walmart for the evening after covering 337 miles for the day.   It was hot,  smokey and down right gloomy.

We had barely turned off the DD when they're was a knock on the door....I heard a man say "Hi Clarke and Elaine! ".... what the!!...... Mike Kuper, a follower of my blog for the past two years (and his wife), were getting off the Interstate going south and recognized our coach..... what a small world....and how cool is that?  We talked about 15 minutes before the smoke chased us back into our respective coaches.  

The wind came up about an hour later and blew the smoke away making it a nice evening after all. 

More detail tomorrow!

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  1. Hey Clarke, I still can't believe we rolled off the interstate and saw your rig come by. Then you scooped me on the parking spot (lol). It was a pleasure to meet and chat.

    1. Hey, it was great to meet you, and sorry I initially mis-spelled your last name in my blog today....was typing on my phone...does not work!


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