Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back to "normal"?

We were talking Friday night how it seemed that the wind had switched around to coming from the south for good, and that the north wind was a thing of the past, and then we woke up Saturday morning to a north wind that became steadily stronger as our "middle" shift day progressed until it was consistently hitting 28-30 mph with gusts up to 35 mph.  Of course, when we get those winds out of the north we get views like this......

Since the wind was lite and it was sunny we walked to work once again via Cape Trail and were treated to all the great views we have become accustomed to over the last month

The first half of our "middle" shift we spent in the on the "lantern level" and TLE in the "work room level".  In an attempt to learn from my clothing mistake of the day before I arrived at work wearing shorts and a lightweight t-shirt, and that turned out to be perfect with little, or no wind, but once we shifted down to the greeting center for the afternoon portion of our shift the wind had picked up significantly and suddenly I found myself slightly under dressed.  Fortunately I had brought along my watch cap, gloves, and my long sleeve Under Armor shirt, long pants.  This is life on the Southern Oregon Coast, and for my part I am slowly learning to prepare for all possible conditions.....every day.

Angie and Gary completed their last shift at 1 pm and we said out "until next times" and bid them safe travels....they are north bound to Portland, Oregon.

The day started out fast with 124 visitors by 1 pm, but slowed down a lot in the afternoon with only 45 more visitors.  I walked out to close the gate a little after 3 pm arriving at the gate just before 3:15.  Closing the gate was the easy thing.....staying warm for the next 40 minutes was the hard thing.  At the greeting center one at least has some shelter from the relentless wind, but at the gate it is completely exposed.  I found myself sitting on the ground behind a mound of earth which gave some relief from the cold, biting wind, but I was wishing I had brought my vest, and long pants.

At last I saw TLE walking up the road to the gate with Chris and Cherie and it was time to walk home.  As is the case on most Saturdays in the Fall, there were 5, or 6 college football games on at the same time, and I spent the rest of the afternoon, and evening watching one game after the other.  USC had the late game starting at 7:30 against Oregon State.  It was a 4 point game with 1 second left in the first half when the USC quarterback threw a "Hail Mary" pass into the end zone, which was miraculously caught for a touchdown, and suddenly the lead was 11 points going into half time.  Oregon never scored another point while USC scored two more touchdowns in the second half to win 35-10.

On more "top" shift to go in September and we are off for 4 days until is good!

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