Monday, September 1, 2014

Departure Prep - Day # 3 - Last Sunday

Early in the morning before TLE had arisen from her slumber I got an instant message on Facebook from an old college friend (John) asking if I could call him so he could ask questions about full time RVing, so I called him around 7:45 (he lives in the Chicago area) and we talked for the better part of 45 minutes.  Because TLE was still sleeping I went out to the trailer to make the call.  John and Gwen will be making the plunge sometime next year, and will probably buy a used Class "C" as their first RV.

What a grand day our last Sunday at TVC was........we began the day with a bike ride up to Meyers to have a latish breakfast at "Getaway Cafe".....we waited until 10 am to begin our ride west, because it was very chilly first thing in the morning.  Like all things with the tag line "last" all of our senses were a little more attuned to our surroundings knowing we would not pass this way again until we return next summer.

We arrived at the cafe less than 30 minutes after we began our ride, and due to our late arrival we had to wait a few minutes for a table, but were soon seated in the outdoor patio giving our server our orders.......I had the Special, "Chorrizo" omelette, and TLE the Spinach and Mushroom omelette.  Due to the SRO nature of the cafe this morning before Labor Day service was a little slow, but as my friend Karen says....."put your patience in your pocket" and just enjoy the I did.

TLE spied a little "guy" sitting in the gravel near his parent's table filling his shoe up with the pea gravel that covers the entire outdoor eating area.  We sat enjoying the warming morning air, and reminiscing about our time in South Lake Tahoe.

On our way back to TVC we stopped off for one last time at the weekend flea market on Elks Club Drive and took one last walk around the booths.  I, as always, found something I couldn't live without....a South Carolina license plate for $5.  TLE found a few book titles she couldn't live without.  The were more vendors than usual due to the holiday weekend, so it took a while to make the rounds.  Then we were off on our bikes once again making our way back to our coach and the final preparations for our departure on Tuesday.

Originally we had planned to leave all of our remaining firewood here in our site (they close down Section E on September 2nd), but we decided to try and take a lot of it with us, so TLE backed the VW up to the wood pile and we began loading some of the left over wood in the hatchback area.  When we had put as much as we felt comfortable in there, we made another pile over by the trailer that we will load in after the car is put inside.  As it was we still had a sizable pile of wood left, so we stacked that under the picnic table and then covered everything with two brown tarps we had been using as awning mats all summer.  So now we'll see if it is still here next summer when we come back!

Then it was time to remove the plywood from the solar panels, put in the awnings, disconnect the sewer, water and electric and drive over to the Raley's fuel station to buy our 30 gallons of diesel at $3.59/gallon.  It's been three and  a half months since we have rolled the wheels on the coach, and this little one mile jaunt was a good time to see if everything worked.....and everything did work fine....except for the speedometer.....ugh!  After returning from the fuel station I crawled under the coach to make what I thought would be a simple adjustment only to find that the drive pin had sheared off again.....bummer!  Unfortunately the part that broke off is stuck in the sleeve, so at some point I will need to get a socket that fits that sleeve and remove it so I can pop the broken part out.  The end result is no cruise control again.....drat!

We dropped the trailer on the hitch, and hooked up everything, so now it is just a matter of putting the car in some time Monday, and we will then be ready for liftoff on Tuesday morning.

Later in the evening we walked over to the big tent to hear "Max Yasgur's Farm" perform their cover versions of so many iconic 60's and 70's tunes.  Most of the staff members turned out during the evening, and we spent a couple of hours singing along to the music of our collective youth.  You may recall from my previous post about this band that the name of the man who owned the farm where "Woodstock" was held was Max Yasgur....hence the name of the band.

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