Sunday, September 7, 2014


We woke up Saturday to the same heavy overcast, and fog the sun set on the prior evening.....yeah, I know....what sun?  Well, I'm sure it went down, even if it could not be seen doing so.  We reported for "work" at precisely 9:45 am for our "top shift" 10:30 the overcast had lifted enough that we could see up and down the coast again, but it was very damp and cold.  TLE and I took up residence in the Greeting Center to welcome our visitors for the day, while Chris and Cherie handled the lighthouse duties.  I took up position as the "greeter" and TLE was the "story teller".  We both like what we do, and I like standing outside in the cold blustery weather much more than inside where it feels a little too hot to me.

I thought you might like to see some pictures of the focal point of the lighthouse tour which is the Fresnel (pronounced freyno) is really a work of art, and all those who see it up close and personal "oooh and ahhh".

One 1,000 watt bulb burns at a is never turned off.....when the lit one burns out the other one turns on automatically.   Turning the bulb on and off causes it to wear out much faster than just leaving it on.

Around 11:15 we were slammed with about 45 people in a very short period of time, and by the time we finished our "top shift" at 1 pm we were well past 100 visitors for the day.  Nina arrived around 12:15 for her "bottom shift", and while Chris and Cherie took their lunch break I went back upstairs to the "lantern room" while she handled the "work room" duties, and TLE the greeting/story teller duties.  Fortunately by this time the large crowd we were slammed with had been processed through and things quieted down for the remaining 30 minutes of our shift.

TLE and I headed home in our "Bug" just after 1 pm, and spent the rest of the afternoon taking care of a few more things to set up our camp for 2 months.  I spent time trying to dial in the portable satellite dish Paul and and Nina loaned us, but could never quite get it there.  Gary, our neighbor, and fellow worker, graciously allowed us to tap into their Winegard Carryout G2 automatic satellite finder, so now we have TV......the signal they are getting is only at about 65% of full strength due to the small window in the trees they are aiming through, but it works.  We will be getting one to carry with us in the event we need a portable satellite dish in the future.

Around 6:30 we all convened at our "host" site for a fire, margaritas and some wonderful salsa Chris had whipped up.....he brought a large bowl to the fire, and it was gone......I mean scraped clean by the time our get together broke up close to 10 pm.

Of course, there have been the usual "big head" 
jokes over this group selfie I took.

Taken by Nina....what a handsome group!  Nina wisely kept her 
head, which is not big at all, out of this picture she took.

After 4 days on site we are loving our decision to come here for two months.  We love the people we are working with, and we are truly a team after just a few days together.

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