Tuesday, October 15, 2019

An easy day.....

7:17 am - Tuesday - October 15th - Ramona, CA - 41° F, 93% humidity, wind - CALM......a few clouds today with a forecast high of 87° F......12° higher than Monday.

After bidding adieu to Chris and TAR* around 8:40 am TLE and I headed down to the office to begin a new work week.  Since we have three RV's along the pond right now, which precludes me from doing any fence work down there this week.  Instead I spent the morning sweeping the leaves and pine needles off the pool deck, blowing the leaves out of the playground area, straightening up the horseshoe pits which had been heavily used over the weekend, and blowing the piles of leaves off the mini golf holes.

After lunch I spent about 90 minutes helping Rich set up the two new pedestals in sites 16 & 17......

......I helped Rich mount the pedestals, and trim the heavy gauge cables to length.  Once that was done I left Rich to attach all the cables (the power was off), and headed out to the vacuum out the pump houses again, as well as set the bait traps for mice.  The bait is lasting longer now meaning some of the mice who have been consuming the bait are no longer among the living.  It's been 3 weeks since I last vacuumed, and the amount of mouse feces seemed greatly reduced.

We are also putting out bait to reduce the ground squirrel population, which is significant, so I spent time replenishing the squirrel bait at specific locations.  The bait we put out disappears within 48 hours so it seems to be working.  I am still seeing a lot of squirrels as I drive around, but we hope that population will begin to diminish over the next couple of weeks.  Many areas around the park are just riven with squirrel tunnels, and sometimes as you are walking across bare ground the tunnels will collapse under your feet causing you to trip......not a good thing.

Right at the end of the day I spent time marking, and counting how many more fence posts I will potentially have to replace when I return to my fence project next week.  I counted 29 (14 in the pond area alone), and as it happens I only have 19 new posts left in the storage yard.  I'm hoping we can persuade the owners to buy a few more bundles of posts.  These posts come in bundles of 8 so I'm thinking we should order 3, or 4 more bundles to be sure we have some spares on hand for future repairs.  We have an abundance of split rails left in our pile....more than enough to replace what needs replacing, and still have enough left to handle future repairs.

We were home a little after 4 pm, and I was soon on my way into town to visit the TruValue Hardware store to buy a few needed things to finish my new satellite dish project.....a sheet of aluminum to fabricate a round plate to cover the hole on top of the roof left by the removal of the old dish, a can of spray foam to fill in the hole on the roof, and a round plastic plate to cover the hole in the roof on the inside left by the removal of the old dish.  After returning I spent about an hour applying silicone caulk to the screw holes left in the roof, applying the spray foam to the 2" hole in the roof, and cutting and installing the round aluminum plate.  I'll install the round plastic plate on the inside after work Tuesday.

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*TAR = The Amazing Rochelle


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