Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The unexpected.......

7:29 am - Tuesday - October 22nd - Ramona, CA - 52° F, 41% humidity, wind - CALM......clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 94° F.

We had a another minor Santa Ana condition Monday wherein the wind comes from the east, or northeast, meaning the desert area, meaning it was breezy.  I did, however, take care of the pool, horseshoe pits, and even the mini golf course in spite of the breeze.  From there I headed back to the pond area to reset a few existing fence posts, not intending in any way to replace any posts, or even take the fence apart, but once I got going I found that three of the 8 posts were totally rotten, and about half the split rails were no longer usable.   I ended up taking apart a short 3 section fence.......

 ......and two short sections......

.....so I ultimately had to dig EIGHT new post holes, which I was not at all expecting to have to dig.  By the time lunch came around I had all of the fencing dismantled, saving the digging of the post holes for after lunch when that area would be more in the shade.  Thankfully, all but 2 of the post holes were pretty easy to dig, and no big rocks were found.  By 3:45 pm I had the fence posts set, and all of the split rails installed......

.....I had to cut a couple of split rails down to size to fit the shortest section of fence, but it is all put back together.  I'll finish packing the dirt around the posts Tuesday, and then, finally, I will be done with the pond area fencing......↴

Had to cut a couple of split rails down to size for the short 
section of fence on the left side of the picture above.

Around 2 pm the power went off in the park.....apparently SDG&E had to replace some faulty equipment.  They promised to have the power restored by 5 pm, and as promised the power did return at exactly 5 pm!  Monday the temp got to 92° F, and Tuesday promises to be even hotter, so I guess we are in the midst of another mini heatwave here in the waning days of October, 2019.

We were home a little after 4 pm relaxing outside in our anti gravity chairs as the heat of the day quickly left the air making it quite comfortable, but between 5:30 and 6 pm it became too chilly to remain outside without donning more clothing.

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