Saturday, October 12, 2019

'Meeting place of the valleys......'

7:24 am - Saturday - October 12th - Ramona, CA - 44° F, 49% humidity, wind - CALM.....clear, blue  skies today with a forecast high of 83° F.......the view this morning.....our Newell, along with us, will be back over there in a couple of hours.......↴

.....apparently, the name 'Poway' originates from a Kumeyaay Indian word that apparently had various meanings ranging from “meeting place of the valleys” to “meeting of the waters, hence the title of today's blogpost.

As I reported, we had wind all night at RORVR, but never lost power, however that did not mean we did not have a lot of leaves blowing around, and many of them ended up in the pool skimmers.  Below you see a picture after I had cleaned just two of the six skimmers........

....each skimmer was packed full of leaves so badly I had to pull handfuls of leaves out to get at the skimmer baskets.  Since the wind, although mild, was still blowing at 9 am I didn't do my usual sweep and vacuum routine Friday, so I left the pool with a lot of leaves visible on the bottom.  The same was true for the mini golf point in blowing off the leaves....they would be right back where they started minutes after I left.

Since I had no pool, or mini golf to tend to I returned to where I left off Thursday on the fence project.  I disassembled 4 more sections of fencing, and dug 4 more post holes, and then began to reassemble all 8 sections, which included the four upon which I had begun to work Thursday afternoon......

....every post hole had a large rock which had to be pried loose and removed.....

.....all but one of the posts, and half the split rails ended up on the debris pile..... 12:30 pm I was finished with those 8 sections, and began to haul the debris up to the roll away in the storage area, and then return my tools to the tool shed......I love short Friday's!  Marnie and Rich had ordered pizza for lunch on Friday, so I knocked off a little early and enjoyed a couple of slices of pie and and Orange Crush soda.

On a side note, SDG&E did turn our local power grid off at 12 pm for almost 4 hours.....why I do not know, because it was not very windy at all by that time.  

We were home about 1:15 pm, and after a long, hot shower I took an hour nap before heading down to Poway with TLE to COSTCO and TJ's around 2:30 pm.  We have a busy weekend, and won't have time to drive down on Saturday, or Sunday to get my prescriptions, and do our bi-monthly shopping.  Within a block of TJ's is an In 'N Out Burger, so after finishing up at TJ's we headed there for an early dinner treat.......the #2 Combo (cheeseburger, fries and a drink).......

.....TLE orders her #2 'Protein Style', aka: lettuce wrap.  It has been a very long time since I had an In 'N Out burger....I think it was right after my right eye cataract surgery back in late April......good times!

We were home by 5:15 pm to find that the electricity had be restored around 3:45 pm, just as SDG&E had promised.  The wind had completely abated by that time.  We enjoyed a relaxing evening watching a few recorded TV programs ('Gold Rush', and 'Blacklist').

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