Tuesday, October 1, 2019


7:22 am - Tuesday - October 1st - Ramona, CA - 58° F, 70% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the west by southwest......clear, cool, blue skies this morning with a forecast high of 73° F.

It was back to fence repair/replacement on Monday for moi.  I had been on the pool/mini golf/horseshoe pits rotation for so long that I am enjoying the change of pace.  I basically spend my whole day in one location working on the split rail fencing along the creek side of the park.  So far, after 3 days I have repaired, or replaced 27 sections of our split rail fencing.  Monday I worked on the 14 sections ending at site #32.....

.....I first dismantle about 6-8 sections of fence at one time, determine which posts may be reused, which rails may be reused, re-dig all the post holes.  Next I set the posts back in the post holes, and begin to install the split rails.  It's easier to install all the rails while the posts are still loose in their holes.  This allows me to move the posts around to get all the rails installed.  Once I am satisfied everything looks good I begin putting dirt back in each individual post hole until everything is solid......

  I dug 14-15 post holes Monday....each hole is about 24" deep

 Getting ready to put the fence back together

14 sections of fencing repaired/replaced Monday

.....I finished packing dirt in the last post hole about 3:50 pm.....perfect!  After returning my tools to the tool shed I picked up TLE and headed for home once again.  The weather was perfect Monday, and although I felt like I could have gone a couple more hours, by the time I was home my body was beginning to feel the exertion of the day.  I was so looking forward to a long, hot shower, but I remembered I had not dumped our black tank on Sunday, so before I did anything else I attended to that responsibility.  

By the time I finished showering it was almost 5 pm, and time to take up my position in my leather recliner and relax.  I've probably got another two, or three weeks of work on our fencing, but it is the perfect Autumn job.  I'll still clean the pool every Friday just because it needs to be cleaned whether, or not it is being used.  As long as there is water in the pool it must be maintained, and cleaned.

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  1. Boy I bet this place is happy to have you as his employee.....you have done so much there this Summer/fall. You guys staying there over the winter?


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