Monday, October 21, 2019


7:23 am - Monday - October 21st - Ramona, CA - 51° F, 41% humidity, wind - CALM.....clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 90° F.

It' been awhile since we made a stop at the local Starbucks on a Sunday morning, so stopping by for a cup-a-Joe and a pastry was our goal as we departed RORVR around 9:30 am Sunday morning.  We had a lot of stops to make Sunday (7 in all), the first of which was to put fuel in the Beetle for the first time in weeks.  Gas prices have really climbed here in SoCal over the past month, and we ended up paying $4.49/gallon at the local Union 76.....the last time we filled up at the San Marcos COSTCO we paid just $3.69/gallon.  This is the first time in a long time we have had the 'low fuel' light come on, and we took 11.98 gallons....our tank holds, I think, 14.5 gallons.

Our next stop was, of course, Starbucks, which was really jumping Sunday morning.....the 'drive through' business at this Starbucks is amazing.  There are at least 20-25 cars in line at all times, but we prefer to park and go inside to order our coffee, and sit for a while in their very nice alfresco dinning area.....

....we actually sat in the sun for a change it was that nice of a day!

Next up we stopped in at the TruValue Hardware store to pick up a few things (Acetone, blue masking tape, and a weed puller for TLE), then on to Stater Brothers.  While TLE shopped I headed over to get my ears lowered for the first time in 6 weeks.  I managed to get into a chair within 3 minutes, and was out the door about 15 minutes later.  While TLE was still shopping I walked over to the Rite Aide to buy a bag of cigars, then joined TLE as she finished with her 'BIG' shopping.......

....we made yet another stop at the USPS to buy some FOREVER stamps, then after one more stop back at TruValue to buy a couple of boxes of Diamond® wooden matches we were on our way home for the was just after 11:30 am when we arrived back home where we would spend the rest of the day sitting outside....TLE reading, and me watching some NFL football...

.....we remained outside until well after 6:30 was a very relaxing weekend....just what the doctor ordered.

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