Thursday, October 3, 2019

Happy 70th birthday to me!

7:17 am - Thursday - October 3rd - Ramona, CA - 44° F, 85% humidity, wind - CALM.......clear, blue, cold skies this morning with a forecast high of 81° F.....the view this morning......

I began Wednesday working with Rich and Dave to continue our excavation efforts at sites 16 and 17.  I spent about an hour helping them expose the sewer connections so they can be redone when we install the new electrical pedestals......

The new trench is dug, and sewer connections exposed

.....then I headed back to my fence project for the balance of the day.......

The original post was just too short

....when last I wrote, I did not finish the last section of fence on which I was working Tuesday, so first up was to replace the corner post, which was far too short due to the erosion from rain runoff.  To do this I retrieved a 2" hole saw from my trailer and went about making my own corner fence post which I cut about 1 foot longer than the old one......

 My idea turned out perfectly! can see that the new post now stands the at the same height as the others.  Once the new post was created the assembly of this section of fence went quickly.....

All back together.....on to the next section!

.....finishing that section of fence took me right up to lunch time.  After lunch I took apart the next 8 sections of fencing and then began to re-dig all the post holes.  This, so far, has been the toughest stretch for digging post holes.  I had to break up, or remove large rocks from 5 of the 8 holes I dug, and it took me until just after 3:30 pm to finish those holes, and I didn't have enough time to finish putting all of that section back together, so I will have to do that on Thursday, which also happens to be my birthday.....cannot believe I will be 70!

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  1. Spent your 70th birthday breaking rocks in the hot sun with a digger bar... Happy birthday!

  2. Well Happy Birthday mines today too. 72 instead of 70.

  3. The fence looks great. HAPPY 70TH BIRTHDAY!
    You're still young! :)


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