Friday, October 25, 2019

More Santa Ana.......

7:16 am - Friday - October 25th - Ramona, CA - 76° F, 8% humidity, wind 15 mph out of the northeast.....Santa Ana condition, and no power since 11 pm Thursday night....forecast high for today is 86° F......

We awoke to light winds Thursday morning, a prelude to the more severe Santa Ana condition, which was descending upon us along with the requisite threats of our power being turned off once again in the once great "People's Republic of California".  There was no point in blowing the blowing leaves off the mini golf course, and the horseshoe pits were still untouched after my grooming efforts on Wednesday, so I focused all of my attention on the pool area.  Unfortunately, the leaves fell upon the wind rippled waters faster than I could remove them.  I ended up cleaning out the leaf packed skimmers three times Thursday, and I'm sure they will be overflowing with leaves again Friday morning.

I spent the rest of the morning finishing the 16 sections of fencing I replaced Wednesday by adding dirt to each post hole, then packing it firmly around each post, and finally watering each one to help pack down the dirt.  I also retrieved the Kubota front loader to reopen a path down to a bench overlooking the creek near site #32......and that brought me up to lunch time......↴

.....before I could finish the path, and clear all the vegetation away from the bench customers began to arrive in site #31, so I had to wrap things up until next Monday.

After lunch I decided to spend the afternoon helping check in a group coming for the weekend.  There are times when it can get congested at the entrance if too many RV's arrive at the same time, or someone will pull too far forward and block the entrance while they are registering inside the office.  I was ready for an easy afternoon, and that is what it was.

Around 3:30 pm I headed back to the cabin #65 area to retrieve my tools, and haul all of the waste material up to the big roll away in the storage yard before retrieving TLE from the office at 4 pm.  The power was still on at that point, but SDG&E did finally turn off our power around 11 pm.

To close things out this morning I have an update on my poison ivy exposure.....I have some patches of rash on both legs, and both arms......not a lot, but it's there, and it itches.  I'm applying Benadryl Gel, Banadryl Spray, and taking Benadryl pills internally.  It's not bad, but it's there.

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  1. What soap did you wash with?
    Has to cut oil, suggest dawn.
    Tecnue is excellent as well.


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