Sunday, October 6, 2019

Autumn tourists......

8:19 am - Sunday - October 6th - Ramona, CA - 43° F, 76% humidity, wind - CALM.....clear, blue, cold skies this morning with a forecast high today of 91°.....a 48° temperature swing!  The view this morning......

Philip and Jeannie joined us around 9 am for breakfast, which was prepared by TLE....scrambled eggs with cheese and steak (left over from Friday night).  We ate and talked until after 11 am, deciding to reconvene at 1:30 pm for a drive up to Julian to do a little sightseeing. 

I think I napped for most of that time, but by 1:30 pm I was ready to go again.  We packed ourselves into the Beetle and were entering the outskirts of Julian before 2 pm only to find the little mountain town packed wall to wall with cars, tour buses, and tourists......this weekend (October 5th and 6th) was the beginning of their 'Fall' celebration in Julian, and people had come from far and wide to celebrate with the locals.....we had no idea.  We tried to find a parking spot, but none were to be found without parking blocks outside of town, so we opted to drive 3 miles back to Wynola, park at the Wynola Pizza and Bistro parking lot and have couple of brews.

TLE and I were expecting to find Julian a sleepy little town this weekend, but came upon quite the opposite.  There was also a big 'Fall' deal going on at Julian Farms in Wynola, but without quite the same tourist impact, so we were able to find parking pretty quickly, although the pizza place parking lot was almost full when we entered.  We were able to find a table in their alfresco section and settled in for a couple of hours to enjoy the balmy autumn air and a few local brews.

We walked over to Julian Farms to walk around their exhibits for a while, and then on the way back to the car Jeannie tripped, and stubbed her knee a little so while TLE took her to the car to find a band aid Phil and I walked over to a local antique shop to browse their wares.  Several years ago when we were in Florida visiting with our friend Jim and Sharon McBee (we met them at Amazon in Campbellsville) we visited some local antique shops as we are want to do.  Jim pointed out a set of dishes with a floral pattern called 'Autumn Leaves'.  He said this pattern was very popular years ago, and they find them everywhere.  Whenever we find that pattern, which is quite often, I send them a picture, which I did this day.....


....every time I see this pattern I think of them......😏

We were home by 4:30 pm, agreeing to reconvene at their RV at 6 pm for some snacks before heading up to the Jacuzzi around 7:30 pm for a soak.  By 8:30 pm we were all quite relaxed, and ready to call it an evening.......what a lovely day we had with Phil and Jeannie!

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