Saturday, October 26, 2019

The one thing we fear.....

8:12 am - Saturday - October 26th - Ramona, CA - 55° F, 35% humidity, wind - CALM....thank goodness!  Forecast high for this clear, blue skies day will be 87° F.

We awoke Friday morning to no electricity.  As I wrote yesterday morning, the power was shutdown around 11 pm Thursday evening.  We initially were being told we would not have power back until 6 pm Saturday as that was when our 'wind event' was scheduled to abate.  When the power is off we do not open the pool for use as there is no way to circulate the water without the two electric pumps.  The pool was as bad as I have ever seen it.  The wind blew pretty hard all night long, and by 9 am the shallow end of the pool was a black mass of vegetable matter.  I was about to take a picture of that when I heard one siren after another moving up Highway 78 towards Ballena....they were fire trucks of all shapes and sizes....perhaps 12-15 passed within 2, or 3 minutes....uh oh!  Fire is one thing we fear in this narrow canyon are between Ramona and Ballena, and this is the first time I have seen smoke this close to RORVR, so it will not surprise you to find out that this fire (called the Sawday Truck Trail Fire) pretty much occupied us the rest of the shift.......

Sawday Truck Trail fire video footage from YouTube

.....within minutes customers were approaching staff members asking about evacuation (none was ever ordered), and anything else we might now about the fire.  The large group who had arrived Thursday decided to self evacuate, and were gone from the park before 12 pm.

TLE and I eventually went up to our site to stow our patio and window awnings just in case an evacuation was ordered by local authorities so we could be ready to move at a moments notice.  The fire was located about 5 miles southeast of our location near Old Julian Highway.....

You can see our proximity to the fire on this map

....fortunately, the winds were blowing almost directly out of the east (right side of picture), and we were separated from it by a low ridge of hills, and as long as that wind direction held we were in no great danger at the time.  Ultimately we were advised just as we were going off work at 1 pm that the fire had been contained, and firefighters were being diverted to another fire quite a ways away from our location.

My poison ivy was bothering me quite a bit after work, but I did manage to take a long nap awaking around 3:15 pm.  By 5:30 pm our power, surprisingly, had returned and life began to return to normal.  We redeployed our awnings, and sunscreen, and spent the evening on the 'lido deck' watching game #3 of the World Series eventually won by the Houston Astros.

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  1. A little late for my poison ivy advice... when it's fresh if you pour vinegar on it it burns a little then the itching goes away. I kept a jug in my truck when I was working in the woods back in Minnesota.


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