Thursday, October 24, 2019


7:19 am - Thursday - October 24th - Ramona, CA - 59° F, 33% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the east.....clear and refreshingly cool this morning with a forecast high today of 88° F.

After taking care of the pool, horseshoe pits and mini golf course I headed back to the cabin #65 area to finish the fence project I began Tuesday.  I had to dig 6 more post holes, and then fit 16 sections (8 leftover from Tuesday) of fence together.  There were more large rocks, and even some more cement in a couple of holes to remove.  I essentially worked on those 16 sections of fence from behind site #63 past site #67 all day long.....

.....and am now down to one more new post, and about 40 split rails.  Hoping the remaining 20 posts arrive soon so I can finish the rest of the fencing up past our site to where it ends behind site #74.....

....I didn't have time to fill in all of the post holes to set each post, but that will happen on Thursday.  I can probably work another 6-8 sections with the one post, but that will be it as there are a number of bad posts after the next 6 sections.

I picked up TLE at the office just before 4 pm and we trundled home for another evening on the lido deck watching game #2 of the World Series, which was tied 2-2 until the 7th inning when the Nationals scored 6 runs, and ultimately won handily 12-3 putting them up two games to none over the Astros as they head back to Washington D.C. for game three of the Fall Classic.

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