Thursday, October 17, 2019

Another 5 sections.....

7:26 am - Thursday - October 17th - Ramona, CA - 46° F, 66% humidity, wind - CALM.....clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 76° F......nice!

I spent about 45 minutes at the pool Wednesday morning, but the rest of my time down by the pond working on fence replacement.  Before we get to that I had to share a few pictures of the large rocks I encountered digging post holes on Tuesday......

......these are some of the largest rocks I have found so far.  Now, I'm just redigging post holes which someone else already dug a number of years ago, right?  I'm digging in the exact same place as the old post hole so why are there still big rocks about 6-8" below the surface?  The post holes need to be 18-20" deep at a minimum.  I'm thinking the original post hole diggers just stopped digging when they hit a rock, and then cut the post short, which would explain why so many posts are less than a foot into the ground.

Now back to the current projects......I first set about setting the posts for the fencing below the pond, which I worked on Tuesday, and then reassembling those six sections.  Just before lunch I began removing 3 sections of fencing on the other side of the pathway down to the bridge which takes you to the dam.......↴

.....I had  to discard 3 of the 4 posts as they were totally rotten, as well as half the split rails.

I decided to extend the fence around the corner another two sections so it would match the fence on the other side of the path to the bridge.  The only post I could save was the corner post in the foreground in the next picture......↴

.....In all I had to cut 5 new posts, and it took me right up to 3:30 pm to finish putting the the original three sections of fencing, plus the two new sections back together.  I gathered up the waste hauled it to the big roll away in the storage yard, then headed back to the tool shed to return my tools before heading home.  TLE worked until 5 on this day, so I had to return a n hour later to pick her up from work.  Even though it got to 90° F Wednesday the clouds rolled in, and it cooled off quickly, and by 4 pm leading to a very pleasant evening.

So, here we are over half way through the month of October, and slowly waiving goodbye to summer temps.  Most days are in the 70's and 80's, with an occasional 90° day like Wednesday. In 10 more days we will have been at RORVR 6 months, and normally we would be hauling our anchor and moving on to another adventure, but we have decided to remain at RORVR until at least the end of March before we begin our trek to is good!

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