Thursday, October 10, 2019

'Wind event'........

7:18 am - Thursday - October 10th - Ramona, CA - 47° F, 86% humidity, wind - CALM.....cloudy skies today with a forecast high of 81° F.

So, Wednesday I began working on the fence bordering the path down to the pond.  There has never been a fence along this path, and I'm not sure many people used this path to walk down to the shore of the pond, but it is safer than some of the other ways people attempt to get down there.  Rich asked me to make it three rails high, so I didn't have to do much modification to the individual posts since they come with holes for three rails already.  I did have to saw 8-10" off the bottoms of each so the bottom rail would not be too high off the ground.  I figured this fence would take me most of the day to construct, and it did.  Every single one of those 3 post holes was difficult to arms are tired, but I think the fence turned out well.....




....I widened the entire trail about 6", and at the bottom of the path I widened the landing area even more, and have begun to build some steps.....only the top one is held in place with rebar.....I'm not sure about the other two yet.....

.....I ran out of time Wednesday, but will get back to the steps on Thursday.  That was really my entire day other than attending to the pool, mini golf and horseshoe pits early.  I also repaired one pool cue by attaching a new tip to it.

The forecast for Thursday and Friday is for high winds, and if that happens SDG&E* will be required by State law to shut off our electric power to avoid fires being started by falling high power wires.  That is a first for us in SoCal, but apparently a new law was passed after a couple of years of terrible wild fires that requires the power companies to take action in the event of a 'wind event'.  Time to retrieve the Honda 2000e generator from the trailer and be sure I have enough gasoline......the power outage could last for 2, or more days.

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*SDG&E = San Diego Gas and Electric

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  1. FYI: State law gives the utilities the authority to turn off power for safety reasons, it does not require them to shut it off.


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