Sunday, October 20, 2019

The anecdote......

8:14 am - Sunday - October 20th - Ramona, CA - 42° F, 73% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the northeast......clear, blue skies this day with a forecast high of 86° F.......the view this morning.......

 One can feel 'Fall' in the crisp, clear and cool!

Saturday was just as advertised......we did nothing all day long except relax outside in our anti gravity chairs enjoying our patio environment.  It never got past 78° all day, and by 3 pm we were donning pants, and long sleeved shirts as the patio began to take on the chill of late afternoon.  Much reading was done with a little NCAA Football, and periodic naps thrown in for good measure.  Most of the featured college football games were very one sided, but there were a couple of close games, and even one upset.   

In night action the Houston Astros downed the N.Y. Yankees in game 6 of the ALCS winning the series 4 games to 2, and advancing to the 2019 World Series to face the Washington Nationals, who are making their first trip to the Fall Classic leaving only one Major League Baseball team, the Seattle Mariners, which has never been to the World Series in their entire history since their enfranchisement in 1977.

I wish I had more to share with you about Saturday this Sunday morning, but the last paragraph perfectly sums up what turned out to be the perfect anecdote to three weekends of social interaction.

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