Sunday, October 13, 2019

No escrow involved......

7:55 am - Sunday - October 13th - Ramona, CA - 41° F, 67% humidity, wind - CALM.....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 77° F......the view this morning.....

I seem to always imagine our moves will be more complicated than they turn out to be, and moving from site #53 back to #72 Saturday morning seemed, in my mind, to be a half day project.  In reality it took less than two hours beginning to end.  We decided to move without even stowing any of the window awnings, or patio awning, which saved a lot of time.

We began our move around 8:45 am, and by 10:15 am we were mostly set up, and ready to live the next 5 months back in our old site #72.  The site leveling work we did 5 weeks ago has made this site much more spacious, and usable.  I only had to to a minor amount of leveling of the coach.  With TLE's help, and the use of a company golf cart we had all of our other stuff moved quickly.

Around 1 pm our good friends Charles and Bobbie arrived for a one night stay on their way back to Arizona in their Landmark 5th wheel.  This makes the fourth consecutive summer they have joined us at our summer location.  It was Tahoe 4 years ago, then Yellowstone 3 years ago, then Acadia National Park last summer, and now RORVR.  We got together around 4 pm for appetizers (provided by Charles and Bobbie), and then takeout pizza we ordered from Mama Rosa Restaurant in Ramona.  They were recommended to us by Rich and Marnie.  When we called in our order the nice young lady advised it would be ready for pickup in 35-40 minutes.  We arrived exactly 40 minutes later to find our pie just coming out of the that is great service.  As soon as she said it would be 35-40 minutes I knew she was telling the truth, and she was.  Let's face it.....when you order takeout and they tell you it will be ready in 15-20 minutes it NEVER is, right?    Our total round trip drive took less than 25 minutes.  We sat, as we always do, talking, laughing, drinking good wine, and eating until well after 8 pm when the cool of the evening chased us back inside.

This morning, Sunday, or son Chris and his amazing wife, Rochelle (aka: TAR*), will be arriving for a one night stay in their Fleetwood diesel pusher, also.  He will be delivering, and helping me install my new Winegard HD Slimline satellite dish.  I received our new HD DVR receiver from DirecTV via FedEx on Wednesday so we are ready to enter the world of HD TV.  As you will recall, I purchased the Winegard HD dish on eBay way back in May, because DirecTV will be discontinuing SD (standard definition) service later this year.

And that, my friends, was our Saturday.....once again we changed our view without going through escrow........thanks for stopping by!

*TAR = The Amazing Rochelle

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  1. When you mentioned it earlier, I wondered why you would be moving back to your old spot. I figured your stay was nearing the end. Somehow I missed that you would be spending the winter there as well. It definitely seems like a fine place.


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