Saturday, December 28, 2019

8 months in.......

8:03 am - Saturday - December 28th - Ramona, CA - 33° F, 88% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the east....clear, chilly, blue skies today with a forecast high of 57° F.  The view this morning.......↴

After being off work for three days we returned for 'short Friday'......4 short hours, and it is weekend time.....time to recover from Christmas!  Also time to return to my pond bench project, but I get ahead of myself.  First up Friday morning was the pool.  It was windy while we were gone for 3 days, and while it was not bad, it was enough to put a lot of leaves in the deep end, so it fell to me to remove them.  I recorded the lowest pool water temperature in the eight months we have been at RORVR.....46° F!  Since the long aluminum pole attached to the net I use to remove leaves gets wet during the process I cannot wear gloves, and as the water gets colder it becomes a little painful, and I have to stop removing leaves periodically to warm up my hands.  It was also time to clean the brass fitting on the chlorine injector system which attaches to the water pipe recirculating the pool water through the filters.  The chlorine crystals had begu to build up again and were about to clog the fitting.  Since I caught it before it closed it only took 30 minutes to clean it this time.

Once I was finished with the pool my attention turned back to the pond bench near the entrance to the dam.  The two metal posts to which the wooden bench planks are attached were quite rusty after years of no attention, so I sanded them down, and then sprayed some Rustoleum gray primer on them to seal the rust before applying the same paint I am using on the bench planks.  Once that was done I applied a second coat of paint to the bench planks, and then began to take apart the second of 4 pond benches around the dam.  This one came apart much more easily that the first one.  By the time that project was complete it was 1 pm, and time to call it a day....another 'short Friday' in the books, and another week at RORVR.  

On Christmas day this week we also celebrated our 8th month at does not seem it has been that long.  As of Friday we have just 3 short months left in our commitment here before we head for Alaska.

Now that I have delivered my Intense 5.5 to my son Tim there is a little more room in the trailer, and to expand upon the available space I decided to move my Ancheer back machine down to the patio area of the Newell so it will be more readily available to utilize.  I also put away our two anti gravity chairs as they have not been used by us in about 6 weeks since the temperatures began to reflect wintertime.  About 3:30 pm I decided to get my Haibike SDURO out and run a couple of circuits around our fire trails.  I wanted to test out the adjustments I made to the front and rear shocks in air pressure, and after two circuits I give my adjustments an A+.....I'm now getting maximum travel out of both shocks, and the ride is even better than it was when I first got the bike.  In all I covered about 3.8 miles of fire roads.  Just as I arrived back at the trailer the sun set behind the local hills, and the temperature drop was startling!

About 5 pm TLE and I settled in to watch the 'Holiday Bowl' featuring the USC Trojans vs. the Iowa Hawkeyes.  It was a close game through the middle of the 3rd quarter, 28-24, in favor of the Hawkeyes, but USC's starting quarterback was injured, and the replacement quarterback did not do well committing several turnovers, and the Hawkeyes pulled away to win 49-24 with USC never scoring another point.....oh well.

We watched the season finale of 'The Crown', and then one more Hallmark Christmas movie for good measure before calling it a day around 10:30 pm.....that is way past my bedtime!

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