Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas day, 2019.....Merry Christmas to all!

7:27 am - Thursday - December 26th - Ontario, CA - 42⁰ F, 82% humidity, wind 10 mph out of the east by northeast......cloudy, rainy today with a forecast high of 49⁰ F.

Christmas 2019 was like so many other Christmas days over the years.  Our entire family gathers Christmas morning at the home of Chris (our son) and Rochelle to have Christmas breakfast, then exchange and open Christmas presents.  Each Christmas Chris makes Chicken Verde Pazole (chicken and hominey) soup, and each year we say that was the best ever, and Christmas 2019 was no exception.  We have been gathering at their home for 16, or 17 years now, and it has become quite a Christmas tradition.  Each year our family grows  little, and this year we had 20 persons in our stairway Christmas photo......

 20 in our annual stairway Christmas photo this year 
(Jameson is missing....taking a nap)

.....each year I turn to TLE and remark....."Except for the two of us finding each other 52 years ago, no one in this picture is connected....this scene does not exist" is kind of sobering to think how our choices so many years ago have shaped what our life looks like today.  I'll let the following pictures tell the rest of the story.......

......from Chris and Rochelle's home we headed back to Tim and Laila's to prepare for Christmas dinner at their home.  At Christmas dinner we get together with the other side of the family.  Frankly, the two families are competely feels exactly the same.....

......we had prime rib, and turkey for dinner with all the fixins'.  By the time the last guests left it was close to 7 pm, and we were all tired, and there was no way the tiredness could wipe the collective smiles off our was a great day spent with family and friends!

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!  Thanks for stopping by!

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