Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The Professionals......

6:43 am - Wednesday - December 4th - Ramona, CA - 55° F, 93% humidity, wind - CALM....raining now....rained most of the night, and is supposed to rain all the day long.  Forecast high for this rain soaked day is 58° F.....the video view this morning.....

When I got in the golf cart Tuesday morning to head down to the office I noticed that Rich was already at site #57 with the roto-rooter using the newly purchased auger line to try and unclog the sewer line we began working upon Monday.  The auger line is about 50' long, and after deploying all 50' of it we had not yet found a clog.  It's about 160' to the next 'cleanout' so we had no choice but to call in a professional with a bigger machine.

While we were waiting for the professionals to arrive I headed off to take care of other tasks, one of which was to take a new tarp Rich had purchased and cover the two spools of large gauge electric cable to protect them against the elements until they are used someday in the future.  After that I retrieved the hand blower and headed to the entrance to blow leaves and dirt off the road from there up to restroom #1.  By lunch I had cleared the road from the entrance up to the Kiosk.

After lunch I was going head back to the Kiosk and continue where I ended at lunch, but I noticed the professionals had arrived at site #57 with their 160' auger line.  At about the 140' mark they found the clog.......whew!  Within minutes the clog was cleared and the sewage was once again flowing downhill, as it should.  While they finished up I headed back to the Kiosk to continue my unfinished task.

I got as far as site #2 when I received a call on the 2-way radio from Rich asking me to help him with some work he was doing to repair the fire road up to the water tank, which was damaged by someone, not an employee, driving their unauthorized vehicle up that road after the last rain storm causing quite a bit of damage.

Once done with that I again returned to site #2 to continue clearing the road of leaves, and dirt finally finishing just after 4 pm.  I wanted to finish, because I knew on Wednesday it would be raining all day long.

TLE was on until 5 pm, so I headed home by myself, took a long, hot shower, and had just barely settled down in my recliner when TLE arrived home....Rich and Marnie had let her go home early.....sweet!

Now that the rainy season has arrived I took time a couple of days ago to install the weather cover on my golf cart, so now I will not have to wipe down the seats every morning, plus I will be able to stay a little dryer during those inevitable rainy days, like Wednesday....... is the season for Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, so we treated ourselves to one Tuesday evening, because like Jim Valvano, a very short time before he died of cancer, said in his famous speech ESPY speech......"You need to laugh once a day, think once a day, and cry once a day".....there is no way you can watch a Hallmark Christmas movie and not shed a few tears, right?

The famous ESPY speech

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