Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Saint Ana strikes again.....

6:48 am - Tuesday - December 31st - New Years Eve - Ramona, CA - 56° F, 39% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the east by northeast.....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 66° F.

We began another abbreviated work week Monday.  We worked a full day on Monday, but Tuesday, New Years Eve, we will be off work at 2 pm, and no work on Wednesday, New Years Day.  Originally the weather guessers said we would have rain Monday.....they said it for a week leading up to Sunday afternoon when the forecast suddenly changed to heavy cloud cover with NO rain......I'm not complaining.....I'm ready for a week, or two without precipitation.....bring it on!

In anticipation of rain on Monday I dismantled the second bench Friday afternoon, and took the boards into the maintenance building to keep them dry so I could work upon them Monday while it rained.  While it did not rain, it was bitter, bitter cold......bitter, cold, blustery, Santa Ana winds all the day long.  It was a very good day to be working inside.

Since I was still applying the second coat of paint to the boards from the first bench the saw horses were not available, so I stood the boards for the second bench upright against the wall to scrape off the old paint....it was actually much easier than working on them laying flat on the saw horses........

One board done 

....one to go.....

.....the work proceeded steadily all morning, and right up to 3 pm when I removed the last of the old paint from the second board.  I'll spend a couple of hours sanding those boards Tuesday morning before applying the first coat of paint.  By that time the second coat I had applied early that morning on the boards from the first bench was dry, and it was time to reinstall them, so I spent the last hour of the day at the pond doing just that.

Marnie was not feeling well Monday so TLE went to work at 9 am, and worked right up to closing time, 5 pm.  I was off at 4 pm, but returned to pick up TLE at 5 pm.  

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