Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Trim, and fit......

6:55 am - Tuesday - December 17th - Ramona, CA - 50° F, 18% humidity, wind 14 mph out of the east.....full on Santa Ana condition!  Forecast high for today 59° F.

The day began with hints of a 'mild' Santa Ana wind condition, and ended up with a full blown Santa Ana wind condition, minus the usual heat.  What we had, instead, was a winter like cold, blustery day.  I never took off my hoodie sweatshirt, or my gloves, and a couple of times wished I had worn my UnderArmor shirt, and shunned the shorts for pants.  In light of those conditions, Rich had the perfect indoor job for me.  We (the royal 'we'....actually, Dave did that hard work both times) had recently redone the dance floor in the Red Barn for the second time in the last two months, and the original fix involved removing the old, warped parquet under the vinyl planks, then installing some underlayment to make it a floating floor.  That did not work as when it was used for dancing recently the individual vinyl planks began to separate, so the only remaining solution was to remove the underlayment, and glue the vinyl planks to the floor.  Well, that worked well, however the aluminum trim around the floor was now a quarter inch off the floor, and presented a trip and fall hazard.  So, my assignment for Monday was to remove all the aluminum trim, and then remove the underlying aluminum strip to which the trim was attached via screws......

The aluminum strip to which the trim was attached

 You can see the gap between the trim and the vinyl flooring

.......I began the work on the trim around 10 am after taking care of my pool duties, and was about half done at lunch time.......

......once the underlying aluminum mounting strips were removed I drilled 'umteen' holes into the cement utilizing our Bosch rotary hammer/drill.....↴

.....then installed mollies in the drilled holes for the screws that would be used to reattach the aluminum trim......↴

The 'mollies'

......the process was slow, and tedious, and involved me being on my knees pretty much the entire day.  I finished reinstalling all the aluminum trim around 3:30 pm.....

 All done, but needs to be wet mopped

 All of the old screws

Wet mopped, and ready for use once again

.....I cleaned up the mess I had created, plus wet mopped the flooring to remove all the cement dust from drilling all the holes, then headed down to the tool shed to put away my tools.  

I was off at 4 pm, but returned at 5 pm to ferry TLE home on this wind swept, bitter cold day.....thank goodness I was able to spend almost the entire day inside doing some necessary work....thank you Rich!

We watched the MNF (Monday Night Football) game featuring the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts in NOLA.  This was a big night for Drew Brees as he hoped to break the career touchdown record held by Peyton Manning of 539 touchdown passes.  This is his 19th year in the NFL, and he is now 40 years old, which is quite old for an NFL quarterback.....I think only Tom Brady is older at 42 years of age.  He tied Peyton in the first half, and broke the record in the second half.  He ended up completing 29 of 30 passes setting another record for the highest completion percentage in a single game of 96.8% in the history of the NFL. It was a very remarkable night, and I am glad I was able to witness it.

And, once again, as is our tradition this time of year we ended our evening watching another Hallmark Christmas movie, and shed a few more happy tears.....thanks for stopping by!

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