Sunday, December 15, 2019

Knives Out!

7:56 am - Sunday - December 15th - Ramona, CA - 46° F, 96% humidity, wind - CALM.....cloudy today with a forecast high of 57° F.  Rained a little bit around 3 am.

The last couple of times we went to the movies there was a preview of a movie called 'Knives Out' (starring Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Plummer, Don Johnson), a kind of 'whodunit' that really intrigued us, so when we saw it was still showing at the Angelika Film Center we decided to go see the movie after TLE finished with her MRI appointmetn down in Poway.  Don't worry, nothing is wrong, as far as we know, but her chiropractor wanted to rule out any rotator cuff injury.  Her shoulder has been improving, but he wanted to be sure he was proscribing the proper treatment.

The MRI appointment was for 10:30 am, so we left around 9:25 am so TLE would be 30 minutes early, as had been requested.  The drive down to Poway was uneventful, and we arrived right on time.  As luck would have it she was called in for her scan about 15 minutes early.  The MRI itself took about 30 minutes, and TLE related the same experience I had when I had my MRI back in December of 2017 after my stroke, only mine was one hour long.

Once TLE was done with her scan it was around 10:45 am, and the tickets we had purchased online were for the 12:55 pm showing so we had to 'kill' about 2 hours.  We next headed directly to COSTCO to pick up some medications for moi, and do a little shopping, but as we exited COSTCO we still had over an hour until movie time.  There happens to be a Starbucks across the street from the Angelika Film Center, so we headed there.  I ordered one of their chicken/double smoked bacon sandwiches, and a cup of coffee, and TLE ordered a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino.  One of my favorite things is to sit with TLE at a coffee shop sipping coffee, and just talking about this and that.  The time passed quickly, and before we knew it we were trundling over to the film center to see 'Knives Out'.

We sat in the middle of the very back row (row G) in seats 9 & 10.....our favorite seats.  This 130 minute movie had just the right balance of comedy and drama, and has a totally surprising ending.  We thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and are glad we trusted our instincts based on the two previews we had seen.  As you know, sometimes the preview bundles together the best scenes, and the rest of the movie stinks....not so in this case.

We were on our way home by 3:30 pm.  We made a quick stop at Stater Brothers where TLE had to pick up a couple of things, and while she was inside shopping I walked over to Rubio's Coastal Grill to get a couple of their original fish tacos for our supper.  We were home just before sundown with big smiles on our faces......what a nice day!

The President's Cup (team golf tournament similar to the Ryder Cup) was being played in Melbourne, Australia, and since they are a day ahead of us the final round (Sunday) was being played.  This tournament alternates between a U.S. venue, and somewhere else in the world every other year.  I turned on the TV just as the USA had finally pulled even with the Internationals 11.5 to 11.5.  There were about 7 active matches to be played out determining the ultimate winner.  The USA players essentially play the best players from the rest of the world.  The USA had to come from behind Sunday to win 16-14 (matches) in dramatic fashion.  It came down to the last two matches of the day before it was settled.  Tiger Woods was the captain of the USA team, and he also played winning all three of his matches. He was clearly the best player on the USA team, which I hope portends well for the coming season of PGA golf.

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