Wednesday, December 11, 2019


6:58 am - Wednesday - December 11th - Ramona, CA - 35° F, 92% humidity, wind - CALM......clear, blue, chilly skies this morning.....forecast high for today is 66° F.

For the past week Dave has been cleaning the concrete floor in one of the pool bathrooms, including sanding it to smooth it out, in advance of painting it.  It used to be covered with tile, but that that was removed by the prior managers for some unknown reason.  Rich has decided we will just paint it, hence the work Dave has been doing.  My main task Tuesday was to mix up some TSP (tri sodium phosphate) and wash down the walls, and floor, as well as reconnect the toilet water line, and clean the exterior of the toilet.  Additionally, I was asked by Rich to remove the remaining tile fragments from under the baseboard near the sink....... addition to being bonded to the concrete by some sort of mastic, there was caulking between the baseboard, and the tile fragments making it almost impossible to remove the tile.  After about an hour of frustration, I decided to remove the baseboard, and then chip the tile fragments off the bottom of the baseboard.....much easier, and way faster!  Once that was done I proceeded to clean the walls and floor with the aforementioned TSP.....

......without the tile in place the toilet was not sitting square on the cement as the flange it is attached to was installed to account for the now missing tile.  Rich and Dave built a base out of mortar for the toilet to sit upon, so now it does not wobble, however, some of the mortar got on the toilet, so I cleaned off the residue prior to cleaning the floor with TSP.

We got our propane delivery, unexpectedly, early Tuesday morning after being told by our supplier the earliest they could be here was Wednesday, so we were able to fire up the Jacuzzi again.  It took most of the day to get it back up to 102° was all the way down to 60° F after being off for almost 3 days.

In preparation for creating the new mini golf hole plaques I went out and took pictures of the 6 remaining plaques.....

.....even among the 6 remaining ones  a couple are damaged....the other 4 look fine, but the plywood is beginning to warp, and crack so we will replace all of them with brand new, fresh plaques.  Each hole has a name, and what the 'par' is for that hole.  Since we don't know the names, and pars for the two missing plaques, I'll have to come up with both on my own.....

This is the 6th hole, and is called 'Zig Zag' least I'm pretty sure the missing part is 'Zag'

......I spent the rest of my shift getting ready to paint all 9 new plaques with the 'sea foam green' Rich and I decided upon.  I managed to get one plaque painted with the first coat....I'm going to put at least two coats on each plaque before applying the lettering.  Once the plaques are finished and installed I'll get busy repairing the greens (artificial turf) on a few of the holes which need attention.

I was off work by 4 pm, and working on setting up our two miniature Christmas trees, as well as our candy cane, which we have displayed for the past 6 years now......

 Our inside tree

 The candy cane

The outdoor tree the time I was finished it was almost 5 pm and time to retrieve The Lovely Elaine from the office.....thanks for stopping by!

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