Saturday, December 21, 2019

Another short Friday in the books.....

7:40 am - Saturday - December 21st - Ramona, CA - 43° F, 56% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the south by southeast.......forecast high for today is 74° F.

After opening the storage yard, and Red Barn I ran the pool tests, cleaned the skimmers, and removed a few leaves from the pool.  As I was getting in my cart I noticed our 'new' work truck (2009 Ford F150) parked in the pool parking lot.  Our old 1996 Dodge P.U. gave up the ghost about 6 weeks ago, so we had been without a truck to move bigger stuff for a long time.  Larry, our owner, found a good deal on this Ford, and had it delivered about a week ago.   I forgot to write about it..... is a big improvement over the Dodge, and greatly appreciated.

From there I worked on two projects given to me by Rich for the rest of my four hour Friday shift......

....the 'Golf Rules' sign had been attached to a tree near hole one, but most people do not see it there.  I didn't even know there was a sign until I discovered it a few weeks ago.  Rich wanted it placed on a post next to the golf closet where the putters, and golf balls are kept......

......I proceeded to the storage yard to cut a 6' long 4"x 4" post from a longer post no longer being utilized.  I then dug a hole with the post hole digger, and then attached the sign.  It came out pretty good.

Second on the list, and a little more involved, Rich asked me to use the Kubota front loader to move the three dumpsters across from site #32, and then make the site more level.  The dumpsters have been sitting on an incline, and tend to roll into the street over time...... took me about 2 hours to level the site, and move the excess dirt to a site up the hill where we keep fill dirt.  I finished just before 1 pm.  Again, I think it came out pretty well!

It's been 6 months since I had my last dermatologist appointment with Dr. Jou, and I had an appointment for my 6 month checkup at 3 pm Friday.  TLE and I left around 2 pm, and arrived at the clinic at exactly 2:40 pm.  I was in the small room by 2:45, and finished with my exam before 3 pm!  He dealt with a couple of 'pre-cancer' spots on my left arm by freezing them, and then took a biopsy of a suspicious spot on my back.  He doesn't think it's anything to worry about, but better safe than sorry.  Otherwise I am in good shape skin wise.

After a quick stop at COSTCO (quick once we found a parking spot.....nothing like pre-Christmas traffic....the parking lot was overflowing!)  to pick up another 30 days of Brillinta, and two of their $1.50 hot dogs, we slogged home in holiday traffic arriving back at RORVR just before sundown.

We finished up another evening watching another Hallmark Xmas movie.....on to the weekend!

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