Thursday, December 5, 2019

Inside job......

7:01 am - Thursday - December 5th - Ramona, CA - 45° F, 96% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the south by southeast.....clear, cold this morning with a forecast high of 63° F.

Going into Wednesday we knew it would be raining all day long, and rain it did.  I only worked until 2:30 pm as that is when I ran out of things to do that involved not being outside.  I spent my entire shift in the maintenance building cleaning, sorting, and organizing.....well, 99% of my shift......

....I had to walk down to the 'lift pumps' several times to be sure they were operating.  The 'lift pumps' pump the sewage for the park uphill to the septic tank, and spreading field.  If they stop working an alarm goes off, as well as a bright red flashing light.  Around 10 am the alarm sounded, and the light began flashing.  Apparently the breaker had blown, so Rich reset it, and go the pumps pumping once again.  He had to go into town so it fell to me to check the pumps several times to be sure they were operating, and that the flashing light had stopped flashing signifying that the sewage level in the holding tank had dropped, as it should.  In spite of those brief foray outdoors I managed to stay pretty dry.

Below is the creek which flows behind our site along the south side of the park.....for the past few months it was not flowing, but now it is raging......

......I was home a little after 2:30 pm changing into dry duds, but had to return to the office to pick up TLE as her shift ends at 3 pm on Wednesdays.  Having that new rain cover on the golf cart is dew on the seat in the mornings, and I can stay dry when driving around the park in the rain.

It was the kind of an afternoon that required more hot coffee, so TLE got out her AeroPress coffee system, and made us some wonderful coffee to sip as we listened to rain on the roof, and watched the falling rain through the front windshield.  I love rain, but I am looking forward to Thursday and Friday with no rain, and some sun.

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