Friday, December 27, 2019

The day after Christmas.......

6:44 am - Friday - December 27th - Ramona, CA - 34° F, 85% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the east by northeast.......clear, very cold morning with a forecast high today of 55° F.

We awoke Thursday morning knowing we would have about a 5 hour window of no rain in which to make our way back to Ramona and RORVR.  It pretty much rained all night, stopping about 6 am. As I was typing my daily blog post using my ZAGG Pocket keyboard in conjunction with my phone......

Using my ZAGG Pocket keyboard to 
compose my latest missive

......Crosby spied me and came over to see if he could help in any way.....he loves his grandpa!  We managed to be in the Beetle heading south on I-15 a little after 10 am.....TLE caught this great shot of snow in the Corona Hills as we slipped south of SR-91.....

......the traffic, as one might surmise, was very light on the day after Christmas, and we arrived home without incident just before 12 pm.  Within a couple of hours of our arrival the rain began to fall at RORVR once again.  

The Newell interior was quite chilly upon our arrival, so we turned on our three electric heaters, plus our three Suburban gas furnaces convert our home from a meat locker back into a habitable space.....within 10 minutes order is restored, and we are settling in for the afternoon to (for me) take a couple of much needed naps, and enjoy the rain on the aluminum roof.  Towards evening we watched 3 episodes of 'The Crown', the story of the life, and times of Queen Elizabeth.  We are in Season 3, and the timeline is now into the 70's. If you have not watched this series, and enjoy history, you will find this series very compelling......we have thoroughly enjoyed it up to this point. 

In favorite picture from Christmas day......

......Crosby doesn't let many feed him, but he let doesn't get much better than this.

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