Monday, December 23, 2019

The equinox.....

6:53 am - Monday - December 23rd - Ramona, CA - 50° F, 59% humidity (it's can it be that low?), wind 6 mph out of the east by northeast......raining right now, and for the next few days.......forecast high today is 55° F.  The view this morning......↴

.....yeah, I know.....the large 5th wheel next to us for the last 5+ months departed Sunday view is restored!

When we took Tim's Giant MTB back to him a few weeks ago I talked with him about my Intense 5.5, which I no longer need.  He said he was interested, so we negotiated a modest price to be paid at a later date.  I told him we would bring the bike to him when we came up for Christmas, so Sunday I needed to clean it up a little, but most importantly tune up the tubeless tires by adding the milky white liquid that helps seal the tire to the rim, and if a puncture should occur, plug the hole before air is lost.  In the 10 years I have been using tubeless tires I have had zero flat tires on the Intense 5.5, so I know this stuff works!  I spent about an hour working on the bike mid morning, and another 30 minutes, or so installing a new satellite antenna for my XM Radio as the old antenna was no longer relaying a signal to the radio.  I had to pull the old antenna wire out through the hole I drilled in the roof of the trailer many years ago, pull the new wire through, and then seal the hole again with silicone caulk.

After that was done I drove my golf cart down to the tool shed to retrieve the hand blower, and then proceeded to blow a billion leaves off the artificial turf at the Newell.  I knew it was going to rain for several days beginning Monday, and once those leaves get wet it will be much more difficult to remove them.

Once that was done I sat down to watch a few more NFL football games.  Of the three televised games Sunday only the Saints vs. Titans was close for most of the game.....ultimately the Saints won 38-28, but it was much closer than that.  The Cowboys were terrible again losing ugly to the Eagles, 17-9 in the nightcap.

TLE had been marinating a salmon steak in cilantro, lemon zest, lime juice, red pepper flakes, avocado oil, salt, cracked pepper, and fresh garlic all day for me to grill. So I lit the Sea-B-Que around 5 pm, and then grilled the salmon for 8 minutes.  She added sides of roasted broccoli, and white rice........

.....OMG.....OMG.......that salmon was restaurant quality!  I had a couple fingers of single malt scotch to chase it all.....what a great dinner!

As I understand from reading a few things online Sunday was also the winter equinox, so from this point on the daylight portion of the days will get steadily longer, and, of course, when we reach Alaska this summer, the home of the midnight sun, we will have never ending daylight!

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  1. what is the milky white stuff you put in the tires? Does it go in the tube or between the tube and tire wall?

    1. I think it's called "Pedro's Milk". There is no tube.....these are tubeless tires. You pour it into the tire, then mount the tire.


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