Friday, December 6, 2019

Over on the dry side......

6:28 am - Friday - December 6th - Ramona, CA - 47° F, 86% humidity, wind - CALM......clear, cold this morning with a forecast high of 68° F. last....well, I know it only rained one day, but it seems like it has been raining for three weeks.  We barely get dried out, and here comes the rain again.  At any rate, we had sun most of the day, and being outside was pleasant.

I began my day taking the monthly delivery of our pool chemicals....primarily chlorine and muriatic acid.  In addition we received 6 cases of bleach (three for each pump house) which is used in our pump houses where it is injected into the pumped water to meet water quality standards.

I pumped propane, I helped a newly arrived customer unscrew the sewer cap in his site, I checked the water level at the water tank, I did the pool tests, and then headed up to the mini golf course to drill some new drain holes on some of the greens where the rain water is not draining as it should.  I also discovered that most of the holes already had 1-3 drains, but they were all plugged.  I unplugged the clogged ones, and drilled new ones where necessary using our Bosch rotary hammer/drill.  It drills through concrete like a hot knife through warm butter.  I had to run about 200' of electrical cord to reach some of the holes from the lone electrical outlet which is near the dog run.

Once that was done I retrieved the hand blower and cleared the greens of debris and leaves one more time.  When I began this task four of the 9 holes had standing water upon them, but by the time I finished they were clear of water, and finally drying.

I spent a few minutes sitting on the bench at the end of the pond trail I built a few weeks ago just enjoying the peace and quiet......

That's a while egret in the background the time that interlude was over it was 4 pm and time to put my tools away and head for home.  TLE was off at 3 pm, and was in town seeing her chiropractor.  The treatment she is receiving is working wonders......she only has pain in her shoulder and neck now when she does her exercises, but otherwise there is no more pain the rest of the time.  She is also regaining range of motion in her shoulder as a result of the exercises her doctor has assigned to her.

I had barely gotten home when she arrived in the VW, and that was another nice day at RORVR.  We'll be working an extra short day on Friday (getting off at 11:30 am) as we are driving up to Rancho Cucamonga to my son's office to put a few things in his warehouse, and retrieve a few others.  We'll also be returning Tim's Giant MTB to him, attending the Festival of Lights at the Mission Inn in Riverside, having dinner at Tio's Tacos, one of our favorite Riverside eateries, and spending the night at Chris' home (oldest son).

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