Wednesday, December 18, 2019

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that......

6:54 am - Wednesday - December 18th - Ramona, CA - 54° F, 13% humidity, wind 9 mph out of the northeast......forecast high today is 60° F.

It was bitter cold Tuesday morning, but I use 'bitter' advisedly.  Compared to the winter mornings we spent at the Grand Canyon a couple of years ago, our mornings here at RORVR in mid December would be considered balmy, short sleeve weather.  Nevertheless, we are acclimated to Romona norms, and conditions, and it is cold.  When you add a full on Santa Ana condition and the attendant wind chill factor it feels really cold.  Along with Santa Ana conditions comes pool skimmers jammed with leaves.  Needless to say, but I will say it nonetheless, it took me a full hour to clean out the skimmers, and clear the floating leaves from the pool.  After finishing the pool I picked up a propane cylinder from our customer in site #41 (7 gallon one) to fill and return to his site.

My next task was to install a solar light in the 'backyard' shed where there is no electricity, and no prospect of same.   That shed is quite dark inside, and it is difficult to see much without spending 5 minutes to let your eyes adjust, which I normally do not wish to spend.  Rich found a great solar light online, and purchased it asking me to install it Tuesday, which I proceeded to do.

The first task was to see how far the cord attached to the solar panel would stretch, hopefully to a place exposed to sunlight.  Fortunately the cord was long enough to get to a spot high enough up on the maintenance building to get sunlight for 4-5 hours per day in the winter, and hopefully many more hours in the summer.  Once the solar panel was installed I ran the cord around the corner of the maintenance building, and then through the wall to the solar light which I had already mounted.  The light can be turned on and off via a remote control...... last it was time to turn the light on, and it worked so well I found things I had never known where there in the shed.....serious.

I was about to proceed to my next assignment for the day, which was to organize all the white PVC plumbing fittings we have by size.  Over the years they have all gotten jumbled together in 4, or 5 separate boxes, and in order to find that for which one might be looking you had to dump out each box to, hopefully, find that item......not very efficient.  Just as I was beginning to access what needed to be done I received a call from Rich over the 2-way radio advising we had a sewer spill.....let me back up a little here.

On Tuesday Rich noticed sewage leaking out of the cleanout we had issues with a couple of weeks ago.  We thought the professionals had taken care of it with their 175' long auger, but apparently not.  The professionals arrived around 11 am and began to run their auger once again.  Well, this time they apparently really broke something loose as all the sewage began to flow once again, but was coming out the next cleanout down the street, and running down the street.  Rich asked me to hook up a fire hose to the hydrant, and wash the street down.  I ended up hooking three 75' two  and 1/2 inch diameter hoses together and washing the street down to the next hydrant.  I then moved all three hoses down to that hydrant to finish the job.  By the time I finished it was 1 pm, and well past time for lunch.....

......finally, after lunch I got back to organizing the PVC fittings (elbows, couplings, plugs, caps, etc.), which is a lot like organizing ones sock drawer......very tedious, and time consuming.  I separated out six size groups of fittings......½", ¾", 1", 1 ¼", 1 ½", and then a box everything bigger than 1 ½".  I finished about 3:30 pm, but still had to recheck the pool skimmers for leaves, and then the water tank before calling it a day.  The skimmers were jammed once again, and both the pool and Jacuzzi needed water added.....the incredibly low humidity is sucking the water out of both of them.  The water tank was full, so I did not have to turn on the pumps, but I would need to return to the pool in an hour when I went back to pick up TLE to turn off the water.

By the time I returned at 5 pm, both pool and Jacuzzi had adequate water in them once again.  I picked up TLE from the office, and we headed for the barn one more time.....Wednesday was a day full of a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

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