Sunday, December 8, 2019

Whirlwind - Part 2

7:31 am - Sunday - December 8th - Ramona, CA - 56° F, 97% humidity wind - CALM......cloudy today with a forecast high of 60° F.........

A lot of snow on the San Bernardino Mountains Sunday morning

Sunday morning continued our whirlwind trip north to Rancho Cucamonga, and environs.  Whilst TLE headed to Claremont in the VW to Maxx Salon to have Amanda style her hair, I remained behind to experience a photo session featuring our two great grand children (Daniel and Jameson), and our grand child, Crosby.  Laila and Cynthia had gone together to hire a photographer, as well as purchase multiple outfit changes for the session.....

Matching pajamas

.....there were multiple costume changes, and getting those little guys to all sit still for more than 25 seconds was quite a feat, but it was accomplished.......

 Tim, Crosby and I

.......Chris made AeroPress coffee for those of us who love coffee, and we had a great time cheering the little guys when they sat still for more than a few seconds.  A number of great pictures, as you can see, resulted from the efforts of Laila, Cynthia and the photographer.

TLE returned from her Claremont hair styling adventure around 11 am, and we were on the road back to RORVR shortly thereafter.  We made the non-stop drive in less than two hours experiencing wonderfully light Sunday traffic.

There were several great NCAA college football games on television Saturday.  There was a very close game between #7 Baylor and #6 Oklahoma for the Big 12 championship, won by Oklahoma in overtime 30-23.  A surprisingly one sided SEC championship game between #2 LSU and #4 Georgia, won handily by LSU 37-10 (it really wasn't that close), a not surprising lopsided ACC championship win by #3 Clemson (2019 National Champion) over #23 Virginia 62-17, and a very close Big 10 championship game between #8 Wisconsin and #1 Ohio in which Ohio had to dig deep to come from behind (21-7 at halftime) and win 34-21.  It was a very good day for televised college football, and always one of my favorite weekends (championship weekend) of the college season.

We were in bed a little after 10 am, and slipping into dreamland shortly thereafter......a fitting end to a whirlwind 36 hours........thanks for stopping by!

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  1. The picture of snow on the mountains takes me back to 1966-1970. We lived in Redondo Beach/Torrance and there were no mountains in LA in those days. Some years later I came back & was surprised to see mountains all around the area.
    Every time I see mountains that I associate with SoCal I think about then.

    Merry Christmas!


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