Monday, December 16, 2019


6:38 am - Monday - December 16th - Ramona, CA - 49° F, 36% humidity, wind 10 mph out of the east by northeast.....forecast high today is 61° F.  The humidity has dropped off the table overnight (96% yesterday morning to 36% this morning), and it appears we are entering a mild Santa Ana condition.

I had very little ambition Sunday......1) Stay in bed until after 7 am - √  2) Watch an entire English Premier soccer match - √  3) Finish recharging the Haibike battery - √ 4) Watch a few NFL games - √ Air up the coach air system - ......and that my friends is the sum total of my Sunday sad is that, right?

I wrote on Friday that my cardiologist has taken me off the 'beta blocker' (aka: Metoprolol).  He told to expect to be less tired, and have more energy.  As far as the 'less tired' part is concerned I can testify with confidence that is true.  I didn't take a single nap Saturday, or Sunday.  I sat down in my recliner to watch football both days fully expecting there to be a couple of napping interludes, but was quite surprised to find I never even felt drowsy.  Additionally, I can testify that I wake up more easily in the morning now, and there have only been 4 mornings since I stopped taking the 'beta blocker'.  I'm sorry, but that seems like a dramatic change in just days for which I am, and will remain grateful.  

When Dr. Mulvihill put me on the 'beta blocker' back in May right after my heart attack, he simultaneously lowered my Lisiniprol (blood pressure) dosage from 20 mg/day to 10 mg/day to account for my lowered heart rate.  I'm still on the 10 mg/day dosage, but my blood pressure average has pretty much remained in the same range (122 over 75).  I hope that will remain the case as time goes forward as it's always a good thing to take less if possible.  On 10 mg/day I rarely have that tickle in my throat that caused me to cough (a side effect of Lisiniprol).

One change of note Sunday is our neighbor on our passenger side ended his 5 week tenure here at RORVR, so now we feel a little less crowded.  Our long time neighbor on the driver side will be departing within the next two weeks as his construction job is just about finished.  Soon we will once again be our own little island here in the 70's.

The high for Sunday was only 57° F, but the skies were clear so we had sun on our coach for a few hours making it feel warmer than it really was.  After the finish of the English Premier soccer match I went outside to connect our pancake compressor to our air system to get it back up to 120 psi......I prefer not to run the Detroit Diesel to do this as the engine only runs for a few minutes, which is not good for it.  If I'm going to run it I want to get it up to operating temperature, and roll the wheels.  It's much better to use the pancake compressor. The pancake compressor will only get the PSI up to 11o, so in order to get to 120 PSI I must attach our 'air doubler'.  An 'air doubler' is a mechanical device we insert inline between the compressor, and the quick connect in the passenger side engine bay.  The doubler takes the compressor 110 PSI up to 220 PSI, and easily boosts the PSI in the coach air system to the desired 120 PSI in just minutes.  I originally purchased the 'air doubler' to enable me to get the air pressure in our six 22.5" tires to 105 PSI.....the pancake compressor is only able to get the PSI in tires to about 90 PSI without the aid of the doubler.

After re-leveling the Newell, which we must do after boosting the air pressure, I walked up to the trailer to power up the trailer with our Honda 2000e so I could finish charging the Haibike battery, which I had begun Saturday.  While the battery was charging I moved a few things around to make more room, and within 20 minutes the battery was back to 100%.  That was the extent of my outdoor activity Sunday.  I closed up the trailer, and headed back to my recliner for the balance of the day.  

TLE and I finished off our day watching another Hallmark Christmas movie, shed a few tears, and headed off to dreamland once is good.

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