Friday, December 13, 2019

'Rock the Cradle'........

6:52 am - Friday - December 13th - Ramona, CA - 41° F, 96% humidity, wind - CALM......clear, blue, chilly skies this morning with a forecast high today of 72° F.

I had my 6 month checkup with Dr. Mulvihill, my cardiologist, Thursday morning at 10:45 am, so I reported for work at 9 am, opened the storage area, Red Barn, and pool before getting into the Beetle and heading down Highway 67 to Poway.  

I arrived, as requested, 20 minutes before my appointment, and was in the small room by 10:30 am.  Within 5 minutes Dr. Mulvihill entered, and began reviewing my history, as well as recent lab results.  My liver and kidney function is normal, and my cholesterol is just about where he wants it.  My good cholesterol (LDL) is at 60, and he wants to get that down to 50, and my 'bad' cholesterol (HDL) is at 43, which is fine.  A great piece of news is that he removed me from taking the twice daily Beta Blocker (Metoprolol).  This medication lowered my heart rate for the last six months to help it heal from the heart attack.  There are two side effects of taking this medication......tiredness, and depression.  I was never depressed, but had been taking a lot of long naps.  He said I should experience an increase in energy, and be less tired now....yay!  In addition he reconfirmed to me that I will be off the Brillinta (super aspirin) in just 5 more months (that's the really expensive one)......double YAY!!

I was back at RORVR by 11:35 am, and back to my mini golf plaque project.  The stain I applied to the new 4"x 4" post for hole #3 was now dry, and ready to be installed.  I gathered all the plaques, the post, and a few tools before heading out to the mini golf course.....

 The new post for #3 is installed with the new plaque I wrote previously, there were two holes which had no plaques, so I had no idea what names had been given to those holes, or what 'par' number had been assigned, so I had to wing it.....since the hole for #9 is located atop a large mound I named the hole 'Mt. Lorenzo', in honor of Lake Lorenzo (the name given to our pond).......

.....the new name for hole #7 was a little more difficult, but I finally settled on 'Rock the Cradle'.....there is a rock guarding the entrance of the hole....anyway, I think the names I came up with blend in well with the whimsical themes of the other holes.....


......I was done installing the new plaques around 2:30 pm, so retrieved the hand blower to clean off the holes, then retrieved the squirrel bait bucket and refreshed the bait in a few places around the park where there is still a lot of squirrel activity, including a couple of spots at the mini golf course.  By the time I finished with that it was 4 pm, and time to call it a day.

TLE was home from work at 2 pm, and when I arrived home a little after 4 pm the delicious aromas of food preparation greeted me at the door.  I love it when TLE gets off work early, because it means there will probably be some culinary delights awaiting me at the end of the day.  This day she utilized her VitaClay pot to prepare Honey Garlic was sooooo good.

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