Monday, March 13, 2023

2nd day jinx.....

 7:59 am - Monday - March 13th - GNHS - 62° F, humidity 67%, wind 3 mph out of the west by northwest......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 80° F.   On this date in 2012 TLE and I had just arrive on Galveston Island, TX.....100% humidity.....↴

Our first rental for Sunday was at 10 am, so we had a leisurely beginning to our day.  It would not remain leisurely, however.  Our scheduled 10 am rental did not arrive until 11 am.  They were the same customers we had on Saturday, and they brought our KRX and RZR back unscathed.  There seems to be this second rental day jinx developing, because almost every two day rental we've had this winter has involved some sort of mishap on the second day, and this one was no different.  

Just as TLE was sending out our second rental of the day around 12:30 pm she got a call from our 11 am customers that had a probem, and after hearing their description I believed it was a broken drive belt on RZR #1, which, by the way, is the only RZR we in which we have not had to replace a drive belt.  They were stopped on the Canal Trail between Syphon 23 and 24, so I grabbed a fresh drive belt from our stack in the office and hopped in RZR #4 to begin the 20 minute drive.  Normally I would take the Mule, but just in case I could not get the new drive belt installed on a timely basis I wanted them to be able to continue on with their day.

As it turned out they were in an area where there were parallel trails about 100 yards apart, and the trail I chose was not the trail upon which they awaited my arrival.  I missed them the first time by, but found them on my way back.  While I was on my way to meet them RZR #2 had developed an issue with the Reverse could select Reverse, but the RZR would not back up, so my instinct to bring RZR #4 ended up being a good decision, even if it was for the wrong reason.  After the successful replacement of the new drive belt in RZR #1 I exchanged #4 for #2, sent them on their way, and headed back to the COA office.  RZR #2 would drive forward, but not backward, so the trip was uneventful with me arriving back at the office around 2 pm.  Just before I returned from the rescue our inlaws, Charles and Phyllis arrived for their 5 night stay. 

So, now we are down to 4 UTVs (1 KRX and 3 RZRs) until Kyle returns from a long weekend to check out the transmission on RZR #2. Hopefully it is a simple fix....hopefully, or we're going to have issues next weekend.  We're still two weeks away from getting the transmission to repair KRX #9, and have had no word yet on KRX #10 as to whether it can be repaired, or will be totalled.

Since their day had been delayed by the broken drive belt I extended their return from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm.  Around 4:30 pm they were at least an hour away, and they were not moving.  In fact, they were not moving for quite a while.....long enough that we thought something else might have happened.  At 4:50 pm they were still not moving, and I was getting ready to drive the Mule to their location when the little dots on our tracking application finally showed movement back in our direction.....whew!  By the time they, along with our other rentals returned it was after 5:45 pm (it doesn't get dark now until almost 7 pm).  As it turned out the reason the 2 RZRs sat so long was they were changing a flat tire....doh!  Since it was Sunday, and we're now off for three days I only cleaned the #8 KRX, and left the 4 RZRs until later in the week.

As often happens I neglected to take any pictures of our time Sunday evening with Charles and Phyllis, but there will be pictures coming Monday for sure.  We didn't sit down to dinner (TLE's Lasagna) until after 6 pm, and by the time we finished eating and talking (there is never a second of dead time when it comes to conversation with Charles and Phyllis) it was 8 pm, and I was tired.  We bid our adieus for the evening, and headed inside.

Even with all the issues Sunday it was a good day.  I now know for sure I can change out a drive belt in the field, and do it pretty quickly, so my confidence in that area in through the roof right now.  Plus I was able to get RZR #2 back to the office with no further mishaps, and I didn't have to drive the mule an hour out to do another rescue!

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  1. Just a thought...and you probably already thought of this...but could you not change out the transmission in the totaled unit with the one which has transmission problems???

  2. Can't do that. The damaged tyranny is a Kawasaki KRX, and the RZR is Polaris....completely different trannys.

    1. Oh, I'm sorry, you were talking about the two Kawasakis down at COYNE! That is a great idea. I called my bosses, and they liked it, too. Thank you!

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